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Why is it hard to find 9-12 month clothing?


Its like they go 6-9 months and they skip to 12 months.. WTH?

I found that Carters has some 9 month clothing, luckily my son can fit some of the 12 mth clothing ...

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    I know what you mean. 9-12 month, is pretty much the same as 12 month clothing. Which is still so hard to find. I was able to find a few 12 months sleepers at babies r us, and the Children's Place web site. Carters makes cute 12 month clothing, but you have to find them. Try Jcpenny. I don't know why they don't make very many sleepers for older babies.

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    Good question. it's like the intervals stop and you either get 9 month or 12 month... no inbetween.

    My 8 month old can wear 9 month clothes and some 12 month clothes but sometimes I just wish they had the ones labeled "9-12."

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    A lot of places, I noticed, do not make 9-12 month. They either make 9 month or 12 month but no "in between" size.

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    I never had a problem finding them. Maybe in your area, they're a lot of babies in that size right now, so they get sold out quickly.

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  • Totally agree! I'm stuck right now because I want 9-12month sleepers and I can't find them! UGH! (sorry, I don't have a real answer!) haha!

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    They typically aren't labeled that way. They just say 12mo at that point.

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    i have seen that size in the store, so i am sure there must be more than one brand that makes that size...

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    not sure i can find them just fine where are you looking?

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    Have you looked at babies r us?

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