Is it okay to pour Drain-O down my drain?

It seems to be a thicky substance, is it okay to pour down drain pipes?

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    The best thing to use is a product called GLUG, you can find it at your plumbing supply store. Somewhat hard to find at say home depot -- try to find a plumbing supply specifically. Glug reacts to any moisture at all, so be sure to use gloves and be extra careful not to get it on your skin -- no need to mention out of your eyes.

    Only use glug or any drain clearing product if it ISN'T what i call a 100% stoppage, meaning some water is passing the clogged area. glug is no joke and once your pour the bottle inside your sink/drain, hold your breath, pour you hot hot water (ideal = boiling) in and clear the area, you don't wanna inhale it -- makes your throat itch like crazy.

    let the room air out and it should of melted your clog away with acidity, allowing full drainage.

    Source(s): Pat Sementa Plumbing 677 van nest ave, bronx NYC employee and slave for 28 years. just kidding i love it there.
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    Yes it's fine, as long as you don't over do it, it's just strong Lye, heck I even put it in the radiator of a tractor that was plugged up 25 years ago, let it sit for a while and flushed it out, I still have the tractor and has the same radiator hoses on it and is fine now..

    You might want to buy a small snake at home depot, they have the small hand crank ones, a lot faster than drain-o and doesn't smell as strong.

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    Here's a tip for you. Drain-O is a chemical that reaches the debris and gunk in the drain and reacts. When this reaction occurs it creates heat and that's what clears the pipes. Instead of using Drain-O (because we have a septic tank) we boil water and pour it down the drains. It's the same basic principles at work and doesn't hurt the environment.

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    Drain-O is not all that hash. It is made to work with PVC plumbing and cast iron plumbing. However if you have a septic tank it can kill the natural bacteria in it. So yes it is okay. However it doesn't really do anything. It will get rid of minor clogs in sink traps. Anything other than that requires a snake to clear.

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    Hi If your sink drain is all ready pluged you could make it wores. The best think to do is call a plumber and have him clean it out, If you do use any kind of drain cleaner use it be for the drain gets plugged!

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