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R&P...a song lyrics for your eyes :)?

As a melody flows in and out of the wind,

I can see another man standing on my neck.

Trying to keep the water level above my head,

I keep praying for my Father to help me out.

But you see when your stuck your really stuck,

It doesn't matter who you know cause they all suck.

Like a bad disease that I have inherited with my blood,

Love always leads back to unhappiness and the loss of trust.

We flood the gates of the election booths to vote for the right man,

When all along they have been playing us like fools.

I do these drugs cause it really does help me to see,

That everyone here is just a figment of my dreams.

I'm pushing the pen as hard as I can into the paper,

So the ink will spill and be able to fill up my veins.

I wish for death cause my Father wished it upon me when he said

'Son just keep walking, keep walking away'.

Don't call me Son your the man that I never want,

Your just like the man that we all abide by and elect.

You ruined my life now your ruining our country,

Tell me where does all of this add up and become equal.

Plant your trees to let the profit grow,

Cause as you know I will be the one to buy these drugs.

I hate myself for becoming the man that you were,

I hate myself by running away from the ones I love.

To no end we will sing together as we fight over heaven,

My Mother would want me to not go out without a fight.

But right now I just cannot build the courage to call you and say,

How much I really do despise the events of that day when I was conceived.


the question: Do you like my piece

DREAM!! I am good how r U!!!

Update 2:

I meant my piece of written dude haha!

Yesssss I did mama

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    Did you write that?

    It's wonderful.

    EDIT: That's impressive! You can tell it's an issue that's embedded in your mind and heart. I could feel the emotions you feel while reading it. Nice job.

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    Lyrics: Mirrors and Fevers "Your life is gonna course like a history book Don't be frightened of turning the page Cause it's is all the same It will always be the same" Video: Easy/Lucky/Free Song: If The Brakeman Turns My Way

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    "As a melody flows in and out of the wind,

    I can see another man standing on my neck."- I love the contrast of those two lines. You are so good at that!

    Wonderful as always, FFAF! :)

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    Another great peice.

    This one is also very well written as always.You will not find anyone that writes like you.I really like this one too.

    Seriously dude i love your work.

    Your piece? Umm i don't swing that way bro

    Whats with the {S}TD?

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  • That was damn brilliant man! Very well written as always.

    How are you today?

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    That is one of your best, that I'm read in a long time, great work.

    take care


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    Good job man!

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  • Dude....all I have to say is great job and rock on.

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    hey, it was nice.

    "to no end we will sing together as we fight over in heaven"


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    This is awesome! You are a good writer, my friend. =]

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