In written histories, how many did St Patrick in Jesus name raise from the dead?

Bishop Patrick in one place asked two graves to be unburied. In the name of Christ, he raised them up. The two proclaimed that their idols were vain and that Christ was the true God. Many were baptized and then Bishop Patrick went to Dublina and prophesied how great that small village would be someday. His prayer caused a spring there, and raised the king's daughter and son to life on the king's agreement those present would be baptized. Her name was Princess Dublina.

How many cases are in writing that Bishop Patrick raised from the dead? The exact number would be best.

A) 1-9.

B) 10-19.

C) 20-29.

D) 30-39.

E) 40-49.

F) 50-59.

G) 60-69.

H) 70-79.

I) 80-89.

J) 90-99.

K) More than 100.

In baptism all souls are reborn anew as described by Jesus in John 3 and in which Jesus commanded all to be baptized before He ascended to heaven. This question asks how many did Bishop Patrick raise from the physically bodily dead where the person's body was dug up or soon to be buried in Ireland?

Raised From the Dead: True Stories of 400 Resurrection Miracles by Hebert quotes The Life and Acts of St Patrick, translated from the original Latin from Jocelin, Cistercian monk of Furnes of the 12th Century, by Edmund Swift Esq., Dublin 1809.

In his Letters, Patrick wrote "I was not worthy ... that He should bestow on me so great grace toward that nation." In another epistle letter he wrote:

"The Lord hath given to me, though humble, the power of working miracles among a barbarous people, such as are not recorded to have been worked by the great Apostles; inasmuch as, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I have raised from the dead bodies that have been buried many years; but I beseech you, let no one believe that for these or the like works I am to be at all equalled to the Apostles, or with any perfect man, since I am humble, and a sinner, and worthy only to be despised."

John 14:12-13

"Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these, because I am going to the Father.

And whatever you ask in my name, I will do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son."

This question covers a similar question where a mistake was made. St Patrick has not miraculous power to raise from the dead - Jesus does.

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    It has been said that St. Patrick (c. 389-c. 461) performed a thousand miracles. And why not? Many more (40,000) were prudently attributed to St. Vincent Ferrer, the Dominican missionary and "Angel of Judgment."

    Moreover, the author knows of no saint for whom there are claimed so many resurrection miracles during one apostolic lifetime as for St. Patrick; there were as many as 39 of these wonders. Thirty-three are mentioned in one specific report:

    "For the blind and the lame, the deaf and the dumb, the palsied, the lunatic, the leprous, the epileptic, all who labored under any disease, did he in the Name of the Holy Trinity restore unto the power of their limbs and unto entire health; and in these good deeds was he daily practiced. Thirty and three dead men, some of whom had been many years buried, did this great reviver raise from the dead, as above we have more fully recorded."

    The above is quoted from The Life and Acts of St. Patrick, translated from the original Latin of Jocelin, Cistercian monk of Furnes of the 12th century, by Edmund L. Swift, Esq., Dublin, 1809. A writer that far back probably had sources not available 800 years or more later. Paul Gallico (in The Steadfast Man) wrote the following concerning the value of tradition: "Tradition is sometimes more to be trusted than written records, and particularly in a country such as Ireland, where in the early days there was no written record and history was handed down by the poets in the form of sagas, and memory was cultivated far beyond what it is today. In pre-Christian Ireland every educated man's head was the storehouse for the archives of the nation."

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    Hello Mistoday.

    Good to hear from you and an excellent question.

    Rather than to research Saint Patric's life, I would like to simply state a fact about him and all saints revered in Catholicism and other Christian Faiths.

    As pointed out by Saint Patric regarding himself, ALL Miracles performed throughout history by all the saints were done "In The Name Of The Father And Of The Son And Of The Holy Spirit". None of the "power" nor the "glory" of these miracles was ever claimed by the saints but instead given to it's rightful and justified deliverer, God The Almighty through His Son, Jesus The Christ.

    The Roman Catholic and Orthodox Catholic Churches and to the best of my knowledge those Protestant Christian Churches who recognize Sainthood have never, in any manor or through any doctrines attributed the power of the miracles performed by the saints to the saints themselves but instead have always have recognized the power of these miracles as coming from our Blessed Holy Trinity, God.

    This would be comparable to the authority to perform miracles and forgive sins Jesus gave to His Apostles as he sent them out into the world to spread His Word and do The Works of His Father.

    The saints are merely vessels through which the power of god flows and are revered, not worshiped, as those whose lives and works gained them special favor in the eyes of God.

    Again, an excellent question, Happy Saint Patric's Day and



    Source(s): My beliefs as a Christian of The Roman Catholic Faith.
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