Which causes more pleasure (Utilitarian view); Electric, Hybrid or Fuel cars?

Which one of these 3 cars, would cause most pleasure in a country (specifically Canada) or would cause the least pain?

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    I think people find gas powerd cars more pleasurable then Hybrids or Electric cars Combined. Why? becuase the gasoline powered cars has been a around since 1900s or earlier. And because people are more used to them, then Electric or Hybrid. So they feel gas powerd cars are more better, why?, bucuse gasoline cars have have everything people could want here are some advantages like size,cargo space,high-performance,handling,fuel economy,reliability,safety,fill up in minutes not hours and so on. So people feel more comfortable with gasoline cars. thats why. And the other hand, Electric and Hybrid cars are a completely different story, first Electric cars have been a around since 1895. It wasn't until the years 1899 and 1900 were the high point of electric cars in America, as they outsold all other types of cars. Electric vehicles had many advantages over their competitors in the early 1900s. They did not have the vibration, smell, and noise associated with gasoline cars. Changing gears on gasoline cars was the most difficult part of driving, while electric vehicles did not require gear changes, and they last longer, require no expensive service and no gasoline, EVs are so good that require none of that so you'd pay very little to nothing for your car maintenance and your personal "gas station" is as far as the nearest electrical outlet.the only good think about Electric cars is that they have one moveing part, not hundreds of moveing parts like gas powerd cars. but the down side of the electric cars is by the 1920s, America had a better system of roads that now connected cities, bringing with it the need for longer-range vehicles. The discovery of Texas crude oil reduced the price of gasoline so that it was affordable to the average consumer.The invention of the electric starter by Charles Kettering in 1912 eliminated the need for the hand crank. The initiation of mass production of internal combustion engine vehicles by Henry Ford made these vehicles widely available and affordable in the $500 to $1,000 price range. By contrast, the price of the less efficiently produced electric vehicles continued to rise. In 1912, an electric roadster sold for $1,750, while a gasoline car sold for $650.Electric vehicles had all but disappeared by 1935. The years following until the 1960s were dead years for electric vehicle development and for use as personal transportation.Problems of gas cars is exhaust emissions from internal combustion engines and to reduce the dependency on imported foreign crude oil. So people feel Electric cars where not as good as gas cars. because people see them as expensive and have limited range. thats why people don't really like Electric cars. and the hybrid car is still tied to the pump, because it still requires expensive service and gasoline and maintenance, even the geo metro gets good mpg. the only thing I like about the hybrid, is the range and ev mode to save gas. that's it. Me, the the least one that would cause little pain, is the Electric cars. Right now gasoline powered cars are the ones cause the most pain right now because of gas prices and air pollution. Hybrids are like more in the middle.

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    i'm no longer likely to remark approximately hydrogen gasoline cells, different than to declare that i think of they're going to be out of attain (except and until eventually they resolve the platinum difficulty) yet i've got owned the two a 2003 honda civic hybrid and a 2006 peugeot diesel (a million.6 Litre HDi -- no longer bought contained in the u . s .). The diesel have been given 60 mpg. The hybrid began at 55 and dropped to 40 six, regardless of careful using. For hilly aspects, hybrids are stable on the downhill, stressful on the uphill. Diesels on the different hand, are very zippy. until eventually presently i presumed that diesel replaced into pass, and that the only difficulty replaced into that US wasn't mandating for using extremely low-sulphur the way that Europe is... (see the wikipedia article under) yet then i chanced on the Union of in contact Scientists checklist, which includes here guidance "Diesel autos can help a vehicle commute 30 to greater effective than 40 p.c. farther on a gallon of diesel gasoline. notwithstanding, this income is merely in part because of the better performance of diesel engines, which supply a fifteen to twenty-5 p.c. progression over gasoline. the relax develop is by technique of the shown fact that diesel gasoline incorporates 13 p.c. greater capability than a gallon of gasoline." so, except we mandate that each and one and all new autos be super useful (whether hybrid-gasoline, hybrid-diesel, plug-in electric powered, or veggie oil) , the fee aspects are going to be very extreme. i think of that, if the precedence for ALL new vehicle manufacturers replaced into performance, then the financial equipment of scale rule might advise that the retooling expenses may well be decrease, and shall we hit upon the money for to have greater extraordinarily processed gasoline, or categories of engines. plenty to think of approximately!

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    Plug-in hybrid.

    #1 two words. Instant heat.

    #2 best performance. Madman acceleration, no shifting. http://www.evalbum.com/047.html Perfect center of gravity because battery/motors/APU can be anywhere on the car.

    #3 crazy good fuel economy, no fuel required whatsoever for most ordinary driving.

    #4 best durability. Electronics and advanced batteries will last the life of the car, and the engine hardly ever runs.

    #5 greenest. Powered by hydro :)

  • John W
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    For Canada, it would be the one with the best heater.

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