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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsCancer · 1 decade ago

lung cancer dying process?

when someone has had chemo etc and is relatively fit now will they suddenly get really ill when theyre close to dying? or is it like a really long, gradual process? i cant decide which i think would be worse :s also, any ideas how long it will be? or is it completely different for everyone?

what does the person look like when the start deteriorating? i know it sounds sick asking that but i want to be prepared. also, i was reading about jade goody earlier and apparently she was so sedated she hardly realised her sons were there. is it always like that? like not long left so say your goodbyes, and then not knowing if that really was the final goodbye? also, the death part- is it guna be as hard as i think its guna be? how do you cope with a close family member dying? sorry for all the questions but im just so scared. im only 21 im not ready to deal with stuff like this!

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    1 decade ago
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    The process is called actively dying. When this process begins you should have an in-home hospice set up if your preference is to die at home or if you would like to die at a facility they will help set that up for you. A hospice is awesome because they will provide you with a comfortable quality of care so that the dying process is manageable with little to no discomfort. The actual dying process begins 2 to 3 months before the final day. What begins to happen is loss of appetite with hard types of food such as meats, then softer foods, then no appetite. When this begins to happen buy Ensure or other high caloric supplements to help maintain some fuel in the body due to no longer eating as much or as often.

    The hospice will monitor your progression into the dying process. Deterioration of the mind begins to happen and this is similar to "life memories" rushing back. It is very common to begin talking, remembering, wanting to act out certain life events as if you are reliving them. Your eyes begin to get yellow (not to be confused with jaundice) and body may experience swelling as you most likely will be bedbound. Within a week you consciously are no longer a part of this world. They call this when you are preparing yourself to enter into the spiritual world.

    Within hours of the final moment your breathing will begin to fluctuate rapidly then slowly to almost non existent and far between breaths to one final deep breath.


    Talk to people when they are still actively conscious because YOU and everyone else around you need to be absolutely sure they were able to get everything out in the open and tell them everything that was needed to be said so that in the end there is no I WISH I COULD HAVE...moments once the person has already passed.

    This hospice was awesome for my loved one.

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