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Kansas vs West VA in the tournement?

Alright I am filling out a bracket and I am huge fan so I watched it all year and absolutley love Collins and Morningstar but have watched WVU all year and Ebanks and Ruoff are nasty so here is my question. I am leaning to ^WVU because of athletisism and shooting and who they have had to play this year but Collins is a monster so just tell me what you think.



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    with WVU don't forget about Butler, he did score like 43 against Nova this year, and Kevin Jones, who plays good defense and will get a lot of slop points, 19 against Louisville. Bob Huggins as coach is never a bad thing. Only thing about WVU 3 freshman get a lot of playing time and no real point guard to play behind Truck Bryant. Watched a ton of WVU games, since I am from West Virginia, but watched very little of Kansas.

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    With all the players who left from last years championship team, and watching Baylor beat them...I think Kansas wont do anything. West Va. is battle tested and ranked out of the very tough Big East...I saw West Virginia!

    As far as BC and USC, I switched that several times. I honestly didn't pay attention to the Pac 10 like I should have. I know BC was in the tough ACC. Greg Anthony says USC is going to make some noise. Listen to Greg.

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    KU will win just beacuse they are KU and they always do well early on in the tournament. Plus they have answers for Ebanks and Ruoff and can go 12 deep.

    Take USC just because they've been on a roll and I really think BC doesn't deserve to get into the tourney-the UNC and Duke wins were flukes. USC has more athletes and the PAC 10 is very underrated

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    Kansas wins

    USC wins


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