Should I go to Burning man?

I have wanted to go for like 2 years now and this will be my third. I was so psyched that I could get the money together this year. But recently I have been meeting people that have been before and the majority of them seemed to be disappointed in it. A lot of people claim it seems "fake" or "changed" and somehow different than what it originally was and claims to still be. Anyway It is fairly expensive to go, and if it is going to suck or seem plastic, I don't want to waste the money. So does anyone here have anything to say that would help me with this de lima?



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  • 1 decade ago
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    GO! I'm 48 and my daughter and I went for our first time 2 years ago. Went last year too, and already have tickets for this year. BurningMan is your own experience, and the only way to truly know if you'd like it is to go. Obviously weather and camping conditions would rule out anyone who doesn't like to rough it, but if you can beyond that, you'll have the ride of your life. Yes, burners who were involved back at the beginning tend to think it's gotten too big and has changed too much from what it was originally. But that's how things evolve. It's an AMAZING experience and if you end up not liking it, well, you've gone and now you know! We've accumulated wonderful friends by going and we all stay in touch throughout the year. Keep me posted if you plan to go and check out message boards for more info! Hope to see you at home!

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  • 1 decade ago

    If I lived anywhere near Nevada, ...and didn't have a 6 month old baby, ....or a job...I would SO be there. Looks interesting, and I think it is worth going even once to make that judgement for yourself.

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