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today's indian wells picks? (womens)?

v zvonareva vs na li

d safina vs j craybas

a ivanovic vs f pennetta

c wozniacki vs u radwanska

s peer vs v azarenka

a radwanska vs a szavay

s bammer vs d hantuchova

who r u pick and reasons are apreciated thanks

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    v zvonareva vs na li - Vera because she is amazing, not very many women can stop her when she is actually at her best.

    d safina vs j craybas - Dinara will probably win it, but I want Jill to put up a fight. There is just something about it with her where I HATE to see her get destroyed.

    a ivanovic vs f pennetta - Hoping Ana can do it! She is slowly coming back into form, and this is where she can step up her game and get back into her top notch form.

    c wozniacki vs u radwanska - Wozniacki, Radwanksa has been good up until now, but there is a definite difference between luck and skill. Caroline has way more skill and experience, I will be disappointed if this goes to three sets for Caroline

    s peer vs v azarenka - Azarenka is going to kick her ***! Someone like Victoria is not going to be pushed around by someone like Peer. Azarenka is going to beat her and get even closer to getting into the top 10 with this victory.

    a radwanska vs a szavay - I want Szavay to win this so Victoria will automatically make it into the top 10 after this tournament, but Radwanska is a top 10 player and I doubt her run will end here.

    s bammer vs d hantuchova - whoever wins this plays Ana, and I want her to win that one so this one is kind of irrelevant to me, so I will say Daniela Hantchova, although there is no reason why here.

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    fed- fernando gonzalez.- Federer is going to win this one, probably won't have very many problems doing so either. How about a 6-3 6-4 victory andy-ferrer.- Wow this one is tough to call. Andy has been playing loads better than before, but so has Ferrer, but last match Ferrer had a set taken off by Chardy. If they are both playing their best, then it is anyone's match with a slight edge to Ferrer who will always be able to play Andy's powerful shots. But I think Andy will win 6-3 7-6 rafa-nalbandian.- Geez, another difficult one to call. Nalbandian has a 2-0 record against him, but Rafa is playing better than ever before. So with that in mind I forsee Rafa avenging one of his loses with a 6-2 6-3 victory over fat Dave. murray-robredo.- bnpparibas tried to pump this one up when I read their website like this would actually be competitive. Murray has this in the bag for a 6-2 6-3 victory over Robredo. djokovic-wawrinka.- Thinking that Novak will win, but Wawrinka did take down Blake in the Davis Cup. But despite that I will give Novak the win with a 6-4 7-5 victory over Wawrinka. If I get this one right alone with the Roddick - Ferrer match then it looks like we have another installment of the Djoko - Roddick rivalry.....may the best man win if it comes to that. isner-del potro.- Isner is playing better than ever, but he hasn't played a fellow giant yet so far this tournament. Del Potro has pretty much a better everything other than volleys in his game. Del Potro will win this 6-4 6-4 verdasco-kohlschreiber - Verdasco will win this one, no doubt, but I saw one of his matches before this and he didn't look the exact same. He will win it though, it just might go into 3 sets. 7-5 4-6 6-2 victory for Verdasco. ljubicic-andreev.- I could really care less who wins this, so please just ignore this one for score and everything. Whoever can cause Murray more trouble on his way to the semifinals, so I'll pick Andreev since he has never played Murray and Ivan got smoked by Murray in Rotterdam already this year. Andreev 6-4 3-6 6-4

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    na li ... she's just one of those players that can cause an upset every once in a while

    Safina, she's playing way to good and she wants that #1

    Ivonivic.. even if she's slumping... i think this'll be the tourney to turn things around

    this next one is really close, radwanska i tihnk, no real reason.

    peer, she's a tank and can play when she needs to.

    again i'll go with radwanska, allthough the sisters are good on the doubles court, they can both play a decent game of tennis.

    hantuchova, she's just a good player who shouldn't have a problem with bammer.

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    Zvonareva- because na li is a player who can cause one upset in a tournament.

    Safina- is hungry to be no.1

    Ivanovic-is playing very well and serve improved too much...

    wozniacki-i think more consistent

    azarenka-just too much powerful than peer.

    hantuchova- just beacause she is the indian wells queen and bammer's serve cannot worry her!!! lolz


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    V.Zwonareva-Stronger than na li.

    D.Safina-Its just a one women show.


    C.Wozniacki-Powerful than her opponent.

    S.peer-Tough decision.

    A.Radwanska-Better than her opponent.

    D.Hantuchova-Technically talented and hard fighter.

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