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What exactly is forbidden knowledge?

I hear about "forbidden knowledge" in many different context.

I am curious, what exactly is forbidden knowledge?

How can any knowledge be forbidden?

Please share your understanding with me.

Thanks for answering.



I hear a broken record playing I don't give thumbs down!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Forbidden knowledge is that Divine Knowledge that the human mind is incapable of comprehending.

    There is a Divine knowledge that is beyond the understanding of the human mind.

    The human mind cannot access certain knowledge.

    It is veiled......

    That is why it is called forbidden knowledge.

    This is difficult for we humans to comprehend.

    There are secrets that the mind will never know.

    These secrets are revealed within the inner heart of those that travel the path that leads to the opening of inner heart.

    It is a very narrow path....

    All "thumbs down" are clearly accepted and acknowledged by a fool such as I.

    A "thumbs down" is nothing more than a 'mouse' being frisky.

    Meechum Anbu (Much Love),

    Source(s): a small insignificant companion....
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  • 1 decade ago

    Hello. I would see "forbidden knowledge" as information that someone on high deems harmful. I know that sounds "like a broken record" but let me explain. In religious contexts and literature, what is forbidden knowledge? It always would turn out to be something that could bring harm to a ruler's reign, endanger faith, or actually bring enlightenment, knowledge not ultimate realization, to peoples' minds. I would think that the term was made long ago to bring a sense of danger to information that would bring harm to a person's reputation or power. As with most of human history's rulers, they fear the loss of the only real thing they have left to lose: power. So the idea of "forbidden knowledge" was formed because it must of been so obvious that the ruler was hiding unsavory facts that the people beneath them created the legend. In summary of the above, I believe the idea of "forbidden knowledge" was made as a name for things that the ruler of an area or religious official did not want perpetuated, so they preached that those things were strictly forbidden.

    Now onto your second question. I think that forbidden knowledge is really an opinion. For it to be called forbidden, someone must think that it would either cause harm or bring about something that they deem undesirable. Say that someone knows about a book, locked away somewhere, that if read would cause armageddon. That person might deem the contents "forbidden". In the other case, if a book were to bring about a global truth that God did not exist, then a Christian might once again deem that knowledge forbidden. So might a church or a religion collective in itself. So the nature of "forbidden knowledge", sorry for all the quotation, to me would most likely be someone's opinion regarding dangerous information. But what would play a key role is, who is the judge of that knowledge and who/what is the danger directed at? Many conspiracies about the government, church, and cults could fall into the categories above that might hide information about something to either protect themselves or us from a "danger" that they think would be harmful. Thank you for reading and brava on the excellent question. Good bye

    P.S- Some of the views expressed or alluded to above are not my own and I might not agree with everything stated in the above text. Good bye.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It clearly depends on the context. In most religions, there is knowledge that is forbidden, knowledge that is contrary to the religious beliefs of the faithful and that might raise doubts in their faith if known to them. The original concept in Genesis (Book of the Bible) was the "forbidden fruit" in the Garden of Eden, which was said to be the knowledge of good and evil.

    Some organizations have secret information about rituals, passwords and other aspects of their organizations that are to be forbidden to non-members.

    All countries have secret information that is to be shared only with people who have a right to know it, and those secrets are forbidden knowledge to any others.

    There are those to whom "forbidden knowledge" is an invitation to ferret out and make the knowledge public. In today's global internet, almost nothing is secret for very long.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is nothing like forbidden knowledge.Because the truth is very simple.But still the guru says this is the secret knowledge because if it falls in wrong hands it will be a blunder that is it will be misinterpreted you can see there is so much chaos in religions due to this.So the older people told it is forbidden unless you become able to handle the knowledge.

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  • 1 decade ago

    (((((((( Phae ))))))))))) Peace, Love and Blessings. I saw couple of sufis Will and Sean answer so I thought maybe this foolish sufi student should answer too to complete the party. I am glad till now we just have one thumbs down in the whole question probably someone wanted to give a thumb up and by mistake pressed thumbs down. :)Coming back to your question, when I started on the path of spirituality , I was very optimistic. I found happiness for the first time on this path and felt like I am finally home. The optimism for me over the period of time has changed into surrender as I have finally realized that I dont control outcomes but as human can only try my best and be merry about it. "Forbidden Knowledge" I will share a story with you.

    "Once Jesus of Nazareth was walking down the road and a person asked him to teach him on how to bring dead people to life. Jesus warned him against such knowledge but he insisted. Jesus finally told him. Later that man went to a graveyard and used that knowledge. The grave he stood over was that of a beast and as he used the knowledge, the beast came to life and devoured the man"

    In my insignificant opinion, forbidden knowledge is knowledge that either the subject is not ready or evolved enough to understand. Above all there is a entity who is the source of knowledge. That entity knows us by our actions. That entity though never violates free will and is king of freedom. That entity blesses whom he/she wants. The reciever must understand the purpose and the responsibility that comes with it. Indeed, the path of balance is the best path. May God's forgiveness be upon us. "Verily, Verily , God's compassion overcometh God's wrath"

    Source(s): The third smallest insignificant sufi student......
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  • 1 decade ago

    Great question.

    Forbidden knowledge is a psychological error - the conditioned "fear of being" or fear of ones authentic Self/Nature/Essence.

    Once we ingest early caregivers rules/laws about what is good and bad about self and others - interpreted as the power to survive childhood - we have psychologically denied the Truth of who we are - our authentic knowledge/awareness.

    The potential for being shamed - for breaking those arbitrary, erroneous rules - naturally follows. When we feel ashamed of ourselves, we then dissociate this authentic awareness (stop listening to our true feelings) and this "forbidden knowledge" being internally hidden, thereafter separates us from experiencing the Divine because Reality mirrors this conflicted state of mind.

    There are three basic paths back to the "garden" and "eternal aliveness" or the experience of the Divine. Being, Transcendence or Bliss. Most of us are stuck with the path/way of Transcendence - the tedious process of psychological transformation. A kind of pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, discarding the conditioned ego identity - or as Kant said (?), "Enlightenment is growing up."

    Few of us are fortunate enough to have a stable sense of "Being the detached Observer" when we arrive AND maintaining it through early life, and fewer still have a clear awareness of their Bliss which will ensure that they stay centered on what they love and fulfill their purpose effortlessly.

    But, the process of Transcendence is an extraordinarily interesting journey nevertheless. Worth the effort.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've never heard this term, but to me it seems like a statement that can only exist in duality.

    In the context of good and evil, the "other sides" knowledge would be forbidden.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Forbidden knowledge is anything that I think might encourage you to do something that I don't want you to do. Knowledge, by its very nature, is enabling, and it provides us with additional means for pursuing happiness. If I can limit the amount of knowledge available for pursuing happiness in a specific direction, then I can encourage you towards the directions that I want you to go. Thus, I forbid.

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  • Amy
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Forbidden knowledge is the kind that would be dangerous to the individual or to the larger society or world. An example of this is the technical details of black magic.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That Lucifer is the Light Bringer, Lucifer brought enlightenment to man. This is forbidden knowledge to most Christians, this is one example. Forbidden knowledge is hidden knowledge (Occult) but to reach our true potential we must embrace all knowledge. For myself there is no forbidden knowledge.

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