grab the closest book to you and turn to page 18 line 4?

what does it say?

mine says: profile of a little face. - from "shopaholic and baby: by sofia kinsella"

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    1 decade ago
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    They were sitting in the corner of the Cafeteria, as far.... thats line 4 page 18

    I cant believe i just took the time to do this


  • Mine says..

    It turns out that around three o'clock on the night of the shootings, as the crime scene crews were finishing their work..

    then it leads onto the next page =D

    The book is called Murder by Family by Kent Whitaker based on a True Story that took place in Houston Texas.

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    mine says: (fasci) nates scientists and dog fanciers alike. We do.......- from "The Original: Everything You Need to Know About Dogs- Dog Bible. The Definite Source For All Things Dog" edited by Kristen Mehus-Roe

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    And it came to pass,that,when the sun went down,and it was dark,and the furnace ,and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces.Genesis 15:13. The Bible was closest,lol.

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    up here in the winter. The roads were icing up and I

    Time Is A River by Mary Alice Monroe

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    1 decade ago

    its a blank page lol pg 19 says part 1 STUDENT from the book truancy by isamu fukui

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    1 decade ago

    ...lips over them. They were too big for her, and looked...

    It's from The Ruby In The Smoke by Philip Pullman. The first book I grabbed had a picture on it... =/

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    1 decade ago

    Mine says: Bacteriostatic to "resting organisms" and bactericidal to actively dividing organisms. Interferes with biosynthesis of bacterial protien, nucleic acid, and lipdis.

    My dad is a nurse and that was one of his text books. I have no idea what i wrote! lol!

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    Mrs. Kenningston's fifth grade class from Washington Elementary. (Keyboarding book) keyboarding class

  • 1 decade ago

    5-15 KV Disconnect(Open)

    It is a piece of electrical equipment! I am at work!

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