is it possible to swap a 1990 acura integra engine on a 1999 honda civic ex?

I have a 1990 acura integra dual cam engine, is it possible for me to swap it in my honda civic 1999 ex? and whats the price range? would it be worth it?

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  • john m
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    1 decade ago
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    you dont really want to swap a 1990 b18a into a 1999 civic....first things your gonna have to convert the obd 0 motor into a obd2b....second thing is that the b18a is slow....and only gives the same amount of horse power as your stock single came d16y8....third thing is that if your gonna do a b18 swap...make it a b18c (gsr/type r) or if not...atleast a b18b where you have 10 more horses then the b18a.....and wouldnt have to convert the harness or the motor mounts and brackets....

    the price range of this type of swap varies from person to person due to hook ups and knowledge of what their doing...also on what parts that theyre putting on....but just to say that this swap is anywhere from 700 to 3000 dollars to do....

  • 1 decade ago

    well, they are way different years, and Honda did change the engine from the 1990 Integra engine up to the 1995, so I think they will be different. I'd say just go for an Si engine from your year, or an engine at least 1995 or above. The B16 or B18 engines Should fit

  • Terena
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    1 decade ago

    as long that bolt holes match up and it fits the compartment, it should be a fairly easy and cheap job, if you are mechanically inclined then all you need is an engine hoist (can rent one) and a couple friends (and maybe some beer)

  • 4 years ago

    A k20 but it will barley fit and it will knock out your a/c. B16 and B18 are the best to do in thighsin my opinion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes. just make sure the motor mounts line up. and that the wiring harness matches.

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