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Iran’s Push Into Nicaragua: Why Is No One Concerned?

Todd Bensman reports from Nicaraqua:

"I am pretty sure that I remain the only American reporter to have traveled to leftist President Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua to find out what the Iranian government is doing there. I apologize if I missed something out there."

"The Iranian diplomatic mission that American national security experts most feared was sure up and humming with activity. It has steadily expanded its “staff,” according to some scattered local Nicaragua news reports.

I also discovered that suspected Iranian Revolutionary Guard operatives had been moving in and out of the country in unusual ways that assured secrecy. For instance, I was given ministry of migration documents that show a senior Nicaraguan minister had allowed 21 Iranian men to enter without passport processing. This was exactly the kind of activity that preceded the Argentina bombings in 1992 and 1994. It’s the same kind of secretive movement going on in and out of Venezuela that gives current and former American counterterrorism officials — and Jewish communities in the region — the cold sweats."

"The editor of the right-of-center La Prensa newspaper, Eduardo Enriquez, told me how he reads the Iranian move to Managua:

'Only the most naïve believe there’ll be any economic development. The Iranians see this as a nice point to come and bother the Americans. The only thing we can offer them is a safe place where they can move Revolutionary Guard around. There is nothing else here for the Iranians.'"

Iran’s Push Into Nicaragua: Why Is No One Concerned?


Iran invented, developed and funded Hezbollah. Hezbollah has attacked the US and allies on many of occasions. I remember the US Marines who your buddies killed in Beirut, "Violater!", assuming that your response represents your motive in making it. Hezbollah has killed a number of my countrymen, my fellow US citizens and my friends. I know that Iran is a large country of many factions, and has pro-US people in it as well. BUT, at this time Iran is our enemy. George W. Bush was right in calling Iran a member of the "axis of evil". In time the US will have to deal forcefully with Iran, for some mullah will order an attack that will unite us against you.

Update 2:

All of my news sources are good, dear enemy.

Update 3:

To The Violator: Thanks for the follow-up dear enemy of me and mine. And you are my enemy, and put me and mine at mortal risk. While you operated at your desk, I roamed about and took facts to the ground, as a private citizen. You are wrong in so much, and deadly wrong.

I am no fan of some of our US operations -- like the replacement of Mossadeh, but Iran did become a state sponsor of terror on it's own volition. Israel took a risk against Lebanon, the risk was not that Lebanon needed to be invaded, it did, but in marshaling sufficient internal support in Israel and in the external support of the Reagan Administration .

Iran's smartest move may have been in inciting Argentina to attack the Falklands -- because that took Reagan's attention off what needed to be done in Beirut.

Update 4:

Canada's a great place, so's the UK. But idiots abound in any country.

Update 5:

Adyari, how would you know what they are doing? As I sit here I can not tell you what my next door neighbor's business is, as long as he is quiet about it. Iranians are subtle intriguers, by their cultural history, when they want to be.

Update 6:

From http://suntzusaid.com/book/8

Chia Lin enumerates several ways of inflicting this injury, some of which would only occur to the Oriental mind:—"Entice away the enemy's best and wisest men, so that he may be left without counselors. Introduce traitors into his country, that the government policy may be rendered futile. Foment intrigue and deceit, and thus sow dissension between the ruler and his ministers. By means of every artful contrivance, cause deterioration amongst his men and waste of his treasure. Corrupt his morals by insidious gifts leading him into excess. Disturb and unsettle his mind by presenting him with lovely women."

Update 7:

My Scottish mentor's son said some twenty years ago when I was (prematurely) readying for an economic collapse such as we are now encountering. "There's really no safe place. All boats sink when the tide goes out."

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    No one is worried because they have no business in our matters. We invite them, they come in. Period.

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    Are you concerned that Iran is about to launch some kind of stealth attack on the USA via Nicaragua?

    The US track record in this area ought to be compared to that of Iran before you start flapping. As far as I know Iran hasn't invaded another country, or launched any kind of 'pre emptive' attack for literally hundreds of years... do you know what US paranoia did in the name of fighting communism? - subversion against countless democratic regimes, especially in South America... genocide, torture and disappearances - by the MILLION.

    Purrrrlease control this rampant paranoia and get an education about US foreign policy from sources other than US mainstream media!

    Try a book by ex State Department officer William Blum, Rogue State - or get some anti-paranoia medication...

    --- EDIT ---

    1. Hezbollah developed as a reaction to the Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon (supposedly to rid the area of terrorists - it NEVER EXISTED beforehand!).

    2. Hezbollah would have nowhere near the support it has if it hadn't been for Israeli and US policy either... !

    3. Hamas and Abu Nidal were both founded and run by Mossad... false flag operations which meant Israel could run its own enemy and use its operation as a basis of justifying its own vile, indiscriminate and counter productive military action.

    I hope some folks are getting the big picture here - it seems odd that you never mentioned them!

    Get your facts right - they are used selectively, your sources aren't the best and your 'analysis' is weak, at best. FYI I am British and ex-military (more wrong assumptions!), unlike you I've been studying terrorism, what causes it, how it can be fought and what promotes it, for nearly 25 years.

    US policy is the biggest promoter of terrorism on the planet - BY FAR, no question. It is not winning hearts and minds, it's totally the opposite, which means it PROMOTES terrorism - Iraq, Israel and Afghanistan prove that... there was NONE in Iraq before Bush decided to counter terrorism by illegally invading, or do you have a basic problem with historical facts and cause and effect relationships?

    Al Quaeda was founded, funded and trained by the USA - or had you forgotten that? By GHW Bush, and outsourced to his old family friends the Bin Ladens... did your sources explain that?!

    Whatever Hamas, Hezbollah etc. do it is EXTREMELY unlikely they'd produce a tiny fraction of the death and terror of post world war 2 America. Start with Operation Gladio and work your way up to the really big stuff! Todd Bensman is a run of the mill hack and obviously has done little or no research into terrorism.

    Policy begets outcomes... there are many good reasons why the US has so many enemies and so little support both at home and abroad. Work it out instead of blindly following the mainstream media propaganda by ill informed journalists with no background in military strategy, foreign policy or terrorism.

    Source(s): Sun Tzu: "you make your own enemy"... that's something your politicians and military should have learned. ; ) http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090320/ap_on_re_mi_ea... http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/mar/20/afghan... http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=75...
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    Sounds like tittle tattle and idle gossip to me. Either that or the makings of yet another dodgy dossier.

    The world is not your property. Why don't you just mind your own business and you might be a bit more popular like Canada perhaps!

    Argentina attacked the Falkland islands because it was a populist move designed to boost the popularity of its military dictator (sponsored by America at the time). It worked for a while. It actually made the Argentinians forget about the death squads and torture chambers and rapes. It worked until Britian hit back and started to win the war. Iran probably had nothing to do with it. They were too busy fighting for survival (1 million dead) against Iraq and Sadam Hussein, also sponsored by America at the time.

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    Because efforts to make out Iran as some sort of global threat to the USA don't pass the laugh test. Iran's government and foreign policy have changed considerably since 1992 and it's highly unlikely that they would suddenly resume the counter-productive confrontational policies of their post-revolutionary years. Basically this is recycled propaganda from the nineties, nothing to be concerned about.

    Not to mention that it's factual accuracy is, um, questionable at best. Gee, a right wing Nicaraguan paper wants to demonize the leftists that were elected: scare-mongering is the number one trick in their book. This is similar to claims in the USA that Obama is some sort of secret Muslim agent, it's silly basically.

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    They are probably all too busy working extra time trying to make ends meat funding illegal wars in Iraq and funding bankers and big business from their pittance wage during a recession that their government designed to make us desperate and poor only to line their pockets.

    I personally have a pile of ironing to do and the washing is coming in quicker than I can say, "I hope Iran/China/Russia disable the Israeli/US military vehicles from the equation to halt their crappy scheme to start WWIII as we all hate them"

    Source(s): I ain't that desperate love We all prayed that some day someone will save us from our fascist dictatorship maybe our lucks in.
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    Perhaps some of us don't feel threatened by Iran because we have a grip on reality and know our real enemy is the US of Israel

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