Why is it so hard for people to try to be good, and think positive thoughts?

It's like they don't want to. They want to think whatever, positive or negative, they dont want to be told what to do or controlled, and they don't want to try to be good, they just want to be as is.

That sounds legit and fine in theory but...don't people understand that their motivations, aspirations, thoughts...anything and everything that goes through their minds by the minute, second, day, month..etc....ultimately shapes their aura, affects those around them, and can adversely affect their mental/physical health as well?

I mean, you don't have to believe in a God necessarily, or whatever, but would it k9ll people, even the absolute "there is nothing" Darwinian atheists to just be that way?

Many claim, well it's just nature,survival of the fittest, that's just life. But what does that really accomplish? does that enhance our everyday life experience with each other? Does that make you better people? NO, because according to those theories, you don't need to be, because it doesn't matter. You have to answer to no one, and that pleases our natural animal instinct, but only furthers the pretty harsh reality of life being the way it is, and does nothing to really help anything.

Which leads me to believe that there are a large group of people out there who really don't want anything to get better or care, they just accept it as is, and that's that. They're happy being animal/apes evolved from go knows what,...and this is the way it always will be.

Well I personally look around the world and see lots of good people with good examples but also lots and lots of bad.

People seem to accept atheism, Darwin's theories, survival of the fittest, nothing matters we're insignificant, bla bla bla..like this empty and unfair universe,....but they don't see how thinking that daily, and also allowing all and any thoughts, without filtering them, to go in and out of our mind and psyche, can be seriously detrimental to ourselves and how others percieve us, and can create a domino effect of...pretty much ...unproductive and ultimately...not positive, or progressive, or philantropic, or humanitarian things.

Just further pushes misantropy, every man for himself, etc.

I mean to make this epic short,...

whatever God you believe in, whatever you don't believe in,...if you are or not or whateve walk of life you come from,...

why is it still SOOOOOOOOOO hard to try to be good and simply think positive thoughts?

I mean we have the minds and the awareness/consciousness to rise above this primitive, nature state we find ourselves in,....

we seem to be capable of emotions...

so why not make this place a little better...instead of just...being the way we are (many of us not all of us), and letting the world go on as is?

I mean we create our own problems as humans, in many ways doom ourselves, then expect a bailout or something...lol.

I mean how do we expect people who don't care.....to save other people who don't care?


We already live in a society of....well need I go further? We know how it is. I even talk about it allllllllll the friggin time because I see it all the time, and some people even get SICK of hearing it.

So that should tell you that this is a problem but it seems like one that just won't ever solve itself, so the message is : move on bucko! Realize it, and move on, scr9w everyone else.

That seems to be the right answer, but yet SO so very sad.

Update 2:

By the way, I just have to really thank you guys for your responses because they seem very thoughtul and well-thought out, and it really makes a world of a difference.

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    You have to know where to start and where to go from there.

    You will never be able to renew your mind until your spirit is born again.

    The beginning of the spiritual life is being born again - born of the (Holy) Spirit. This is a supernatural work of God and is a gift from God. It comes through simple repentance (turning away from your old way of thinking and doing); and believing the Gospel - that God, in the Person of Jesus Christ became a man, died for your sins, rose from the dead, and gives the gift of eternal life and forgiveness of sins to all who humbly ask Him in faith.

    The result is an inner witness of having been forgiven and accepted, and a conviction of having come out from death, into life.

    Once this is done, God desires to renew your mind with the Word of God.

    Your thinking has been polluted all your life by the lies of this corrupt world and the deception of the one the Bible calls the "god of this age"; the devil.

    Only by accepting the authority of the Word of God can you begin to rid yourself of the lies and defilements, and begin to realize the work of God within you.

    That is why Paul, after thoroughly explaining the Gospel, wrote this:

    "Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."

    Romans 12:1-2

    It is said a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

    Pray, ask Jesus into your life, as the Lord and Savior of your soul; and thank Him for hearing you.

    Now, begin to read the Word of God.

    Start in the New Testament.

    Start in the Gospel of Matthew - and just read right on through, asking God to teach you as you read.

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    Darwin has nothing to do with why I'm an atheist. I was an atheist before I really understood evolution (even though I learned about it in high school and a bit at the college level before I came out as an atheist, I didn't really understand it fully until several years later, when everything clicked while I was reading a book on paleontology), so the idea that atheists are all "survival of the fittest Darwinists" is alien to me. "Survival of the fittest" wasn't even really a Darwinian notion; he didn't make up the phrase, and his theory merely reflected that those organisms with the adaptations that allow them to most successfully thrive and reproduce will do so.

    I have empathy. I don't need to be controlled or told what to do because of this empathy. I can put myself into other people's situations and understand the consequences of helping or harming them. Since most people would rather not see other people suffer, they will be more likely to help than harm people.

    I think one of the reasons people are more selfish and less helpful today is because we don't see each other as often. Think about the places where government policy is more geared to social/public services: they are places where the population is most dense. Europe has a higher population density than the United States, so they are more likely to not be isolated. They have things like universal health care and public assistance programs that allow people to the bare minimum until they get on their feet. We are much more isolated here. Computers isolate some of us, too; some of us have our only social interactions on the computer, so we don't see people and their plights. It's easy to dismiss the plight of people you'll never see.

    A lot of atheists I know are humanists. Polls of atheists show that we're overwhelmingly liberal--which means that the majority of us want to help each other and other people. The point of secular humanism (not that all atheists are secular humanists, but a lot are) is that human beings are responsible for their own actions, and that we should work to make the world a better place for future generations.

    Putting all of the selfishness onto atheists ignores who we are, statistically speaking.

    Source(s): Being an atheist who is a member of atheist organizations
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    Now this is something I can answer. From what it sounds like to me without even reading your description you have a friend or someone close to you that is always a negative or always is sadistic about everything that goes on. It basically is just all brain chemistry and the way people think. Just like you can't change the way the earth spins, you can't change how someone thinks unless they want to also. Most of this has to do with psychological reasons some people may have suffered in the past from some sort of life change good or bad (usually bad for negative thoughts) and that has influenced them all their lives. For an example, lets say that you are five years old and you are walking down the street with your best friend and he gets hit by a car. Now your older and at the age of ten your mom dies of cancer and your dad gets this new mom you don't like and then she kills your father. Now, most people don't have it this bad, but if your sensitive your parents simply getting a divorce can have a traumatizing effect on you. Now, do you think this person who had all this terrible things happen in their life is going to be very optimistic? No, the best thing to do is maybe talk to them, see why they are so negative all the time , and if you find out why try to fix it if you can't just leave it alone and try to deal with it. (btw, a lot of criminals had issues at home when they were younger and that's why they turned out like that.)

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    You are hankering after Utopia it seems, a perfect society of loving tolerant people, and I know you do not believe such perfection is possible. Nonetheless, it should be our goal in life.

    We've probably come some way along the road to greater tolerance, if one thinks back to the world wars and beyond, things have surely improved. Every so often though, racial, political and religious intolerance rears its ugly head, and as you suggest, such troubles begin in a small way, even the way low profile persons react to one and other.

    We should appreciate what we have got, a wonderful planet and a life giving Sun, and the the beautiful though harsh natural world around us. To be masters of such riches at the luckiest moment in the whole of history should be reward enough. Hope, that most cherished feeling, is common to all people, and we should combine it with greater tolerance.

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    I think much has to do with how we've been brought up and who we hang with. I would like to include a few verses from the Bible that speak to such things.

    First, don't hang with the wrong crowd. I believe you will be influenced no matter how strong you think you may be. Put your mind and thoughts on God and His Word.

    We are encouraged to think good thoughts.

    Not everyone grows in an environment of peace and love. They may not know anything else to a certain degree. I have herd a small amount about the story Rapunzel. It seems all she could see was somewhat limited, things not so good. Her idea of herself and surroundings are somewhat limited and so her thoughts would be too I would think.

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    I understand what you are saying and I agree, some people are like the old saying "misery loves company". Yes it is so very Sad because life is hard enough without having such a terrible attitude that only makes it harder. Im like why not make the best of things it certainly makes life easier.

    Only these people can change themselves unfortunately. I do try to stay away from them because their negativity will get you down.

    Have a great day!

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    Billions of people on this planet are born and grow up in horrible circumstances, enduring physical abuse, emotional and psychological abuse. They cope they best they can if they receive no help. Sometimes these abuses manifest themselves in people who don't care about others, because no one cared about them. They've seen family members be killed, raped, tortured. Things judging from your note, you couldn't begin to imagine. You can't help everybody. Some circumstances are just beyond your control or ability to help. It's sad and frustrating. I chalk it up to evolution. The reason it takes so long is because change comes one person at a time. And with a population of 6+ billion--well you do the math.

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    Without reading all you wrote and just answering your question, it's cool to be bad these days. Take the horror movie. The next one has to be more shocking than the last or else things get a little repetitive. I'm hoping for a time where good will be the new cool. Hopefully it will last too.

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    If human beings do not think positively and feel free to think and behave any way they like, they end up becoming worse than even animals. Animals have free thinking, but they do not indulge in purposeless violence. There are no terrorists amonst animals at least.

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    1 decade ago

    That would have to be the biggest whinge I've witnessed in a long time. Get on with your own life buddy.

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