I need a pvp/mp3 player that can hold 100 gb or more?

Im needing a portable hard drive mp3 player that i can store and watch all my movies on at anytime and i need something else besides the archos junk cuz i hear they have too many flaws/crashes and i'm not about to spend 400 something dollars on an unreliable device. An NO Ipod touches wont work cuz they dont have enough space. So if you kno of a device that can store at least 100 Gb of space or close to it...then please let me know. Thanks in advance

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    try the wolverine.....and others...links for others...below.

    3.6 Inch TFT Screen / 7-in-1 Memory Card Reader / Supports music Formats: MP3 - WMA and Video MPEG-1 - MPEG-4 - WMV9 - Xvid / FM Radio / Speaker

    # There's more to life than merely listening to music. There's viewing pictures and videos as well. Also taking Data with you. With a massive 160GB capacity, we're talking lots of Storage in a 10 ounce pocketable device. The Wolverine ESP was created for you to enjoy the freedom of multimedia portability anywhere, anytime. With a 3.6" LCD Color screen, the 5160 is there for you anytime, in the palm of your hand. Take thousands of photos with a single Memory Card. A single press of a button and all your photos and Digital camera video data are effortlessly copied from the built in 7-in-1 Card Reader into a portable, self powered gigabytes of mass storage hard-drive. With the contents of the memory card now safely stored, your card is now ready to be reused - and you never had to go near a computer. Because the Wolverine ESP is Battery operated you can literally save your data anywhere in the world. It's perfect for photographers, trips, sharing data during meetings, any situation involving a memory card. Wolverine 5160 ESP is clearly the portable digital-media device that makes sense. 3.6" wide view angle TFT LCD with adjustable Back Light - 320x240 Pixels

    # Store and View Thousands of Photos - Download images directly from any Digital Camera without a computer / Display JPEG, Bitmap, Tiff, Text and RAW images (most popular SLR Cameras)

    # Print directly to printers

    # Store and Play Thousands of Songs

    # Supports five music Formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC (MP4-audio) & CDA - Easy, Drag and drop music files from your computer and play them instantly

    # Store and Play Hundreds of Hours of Video - Supports: MPEG-1, MPEG-4 , WMV9 and Xvid

    # Built-in FM Radio - Listen and Record your favorite talk shows or music from any FM Radio Station; Scan and preset up to 18 different Radio Stations

    # Plugs to TV and Stereo System - With the included Video/Audio cable connect the ESP directly to any TV or Projector / Connect to a stereo system to enjoy and share your music collection

    # Record Video Directly from TV/DVD/VCR/Camcorder or any other video source (requires Optional Cradle)

    # Contents - Wolverine ESP (battery included), User documentation and CD, AC charger, USB cable, Audio/Video cable (to connect to TV), Earphone, carrying case

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