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In the past, it was believed that depression was more prevalent among the poorer and less educated people,

but that is not the case. The truth is, depression can afflict people from all walks of life, and often it hits the most ambitious, creative and conscientious. It is wrong to think that people on the corporate position of the social

ladder are not prone to this disease. In fact, executives and professionals who are burdened with mounting

pressures in their work may be obsessed with all these pressures and become depressed. The suicide of Vincent

Foster, a noted American lawyer and White House Official is a case in point. Despite the honor of his position, which many people thought admirable, he felt overburdened with pressures and decided to take the easy way out.

Studies show that people born later in this century have experienced much more depression than those born earlier. In fact the rate of depression over the last two generations has increased tenfold. Experts theorize that it could be due to the fact that younger generations have higher expectations from life and therefore more likely

to suffer from failure, disappointment and hence, depression.

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    在過去有人認為,憂鬱症是較普遍於貧窮和教育程度較低的人, 但實際上並非如此。事實上,憂鬱症可能影響每個人的生活,常見於有野心的,富有創造力的和謹慎負責的人身上。社會階級地位高的人不易得憂鬱症是錯誤的想法,擁有工作升遷壓力的管理人員和專業人士可能淪陷於壓力中,並變得憂鬱。已自殺的著名美國律師和白宮官員VincentFoster,就是一個很好的例子。儘管他的地位十分光榮,讓許多人為之欽佩,他覺得自己負擔過重的壓力,便決定採取簡單的方法。


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