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help me i dont know how to tell my parents im bi?

im 14 going on 15 im bi and i dont know how to tell my parents!!!! my dad hates gays and is very racist he is a very straight foward guy my mom thinks being bi or gay is not "normal" i just found out today while me and my brother were talking that he is gay ( i expected this for a very long time but never thought it could be true) i want to tell my parents my friend said it brings to much stress on a person to hide from parents and or friends about their sexuality and i feel very stressed sometimes def when im talking to my mom about my friend being bi and she says that it isnt normal and bla bla bla i dont know what to do i want to tell them but im scared of how they will look at me after...would they look down on me? etc i need help please help me ill appreciate it also ive been bi since the middle of 6th grade im not in 9th grade


the one thing im scared of it my bro is 18 he is gay and he knows how our parents are VERY well he wont even tell them that he is gay he is very smart and in a sense i look up to him since he is my older and only sibling i dont know how to tell them if i were to tell them i dont know if i should just say "oh yeah just to let you know im bi" or like lead up to it somehow i dont know the most comfortable way or better way

Update 2:

i know my parents love me acttally i think they love me a little to much ( they are VERY protective of me a little too much i think) i know they are still gonna love me im just scared of their initial reaction and also how do i tell them that im bi i cant figure out a way to come out and say it

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    look my mom is bi and i live with it everyday i used to think it was soo worng and embarrassing because she was so different. but think about it, would you rather live a confused life and unhappy marriage with a male know what shoulda coulda woulda.? im bi myself and i tell my mom because she understands, but if she doesnt remeber its YOUR sexuality you can what you want with it its not your parents and one of these days theyre going to miss that smile everyday and laughter cause of there predgjudicey..

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    Don't hate me for saying this but you are still going through puberty. Your hormones are raging. You don't know what you like. I went through the same thing around your age. I also thought I was bi. I'm turning 18 in a week, just to let you know. I wouldn't stress to much over this if I were you. It's no big deal. But if you really think you are bi, and have done stuff with other girls, guys before, and have a bf/gf then you might want to tell them. Otherwise just wait a couple more years. That's what I did. And I grew out of feeling like I was bi.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    Go on-line and find PFLAG... there are chapters in most towns. Get some of their brochures and leave them strategically placed in your room... not quite hidden but not in the open, just so your mom will find them.

    What most of these folks don't understand is that being gay is hard-wired... there is an actual physical difference in the formation of one part of the brain. My dad was a doctor, and he read about a researcher in one of his medical journals that discovered this... I think it was in the late 1980s.

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    well Im not bi or gay so idk how to really answer this question from the right perspective


    I do have some bisexual friends and well the best way is just to tell them that you think you are different from kids around you not because of your social life, grades ,or behavior ,but because of your sexuality then start explaining to them how hard it is for you to confie this to them and why you think you are bi

    i hope i helped

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    ok, I study this someplace and it style of sounds like a stable concept, i'm no longer kidding (all of us thinks i'm!). take a seat them down, and tell them you have some awful style of terminal maximum cancers and you'd be able to't be cured. Then, whilst they're all worked up and crying, say "merely kidding, i'm merely bi."

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    i just think that u need to talk to ur mom alone since shes a girl and she will probably understand a little better than ur dad and i dont think that they will look down on u cuz ur their daughter and they will always love u... im not saying that they will be proud of it but i just think u need to tell them... they will find out one day and wouldnt it be better if they heard it from u than someone else?

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    why is it that ive already read 3 questions on "im a bi " in the last 10 mins ?

    ok dude if you dont do it not its gonna be harder if you do it later

    Good luck

    and think about it this way

    your parents aren't indian, in which indians would kill you = o

    Source(s): im indian im not bi
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    You can't expect your parents to be happy with ALL the things you do. Plus they are your PARENTS! They are going to love you no matter what. So what? Your bi! WHO GIVES A CRAP!? NO ONE!!!! Your parents can't judge you! I hope you do it dude cuz it will save you soooo much regret!

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    iam not one to judge

    or to tell you how to live your life as a straight


    but being "bi" or "gay" is a sin.

    but if thats what you are then w/e you no.

    i dont wanna tell you or give you some advise on this

    cus im against it but if your bi then tell your parents the truth

    come out and be straight foward with it dont leave anything out

    they deserve to no.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I see youh had thee same problem

    As meh...well wen i told my

    Parents i first sent my mom

    A text lol.and she tought it was joke!

    I wus like are youh foreal mom.its tha'

    Truth..&&she kinda shed into tears.

    but than she said no matter if your an allien,

    BI,azian,mexican,white,black that im always

    Gonna love youh no matter

    Either way your parents are still gonna love

    Youh no matter what.

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