Can someone supply a link to a full table of "quick keys" for "MicroSoft Word 2002/2003"?

Looking for a complete table of quick keys for MS word. It has to be as a quick reference guide in a table format such as Function keys as heading then on left side going down the keys (if any) in combination with result in the junction of the F key & combo key. (Excel, Access & Outlook would also be appreciated, thanks) I have tried googling to no avail.


Thank you all. The links you have supplied are not quite what I wanted & as for googling this is what I googled -

"quick keys" + "MicroSoft Word" & I got a lot of software addons or training sites.

I used to have a template with the F keys acroos the top & variations of Alt, Ctrl, Shift & just F key down the LHS & in the cell of the intersection of the two was the outcome of the keys. I was looking for this.

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