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Private Investigators?

i have a few questions about private investigators:(cuz i just finished the game still life, love it!)

-what are the qualifications?

-do they investigate murders?

-how do you really become one?

-any other info?

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    There are 2 options: work for a company, or start your own

    Every company has different requirements. Usually they only require you to be 18, flexible time, a cell phone and a car. You can try searching for private investigator jobs on craigslist, or look in your phonebook under private investigators or investigations and ask if they are hiring.

    Option number 2 is own your own company. You would have to meet the states licensing requirements for this, which usually involves experience or a bachelors in criminal justice.

    They can investigate anything from bank robberies to murders. But unfortunately, private investigators don't see alot of excitement. They are hired by private individuals for any purpose they need. Most common work is background checks so theres alot of computer work involved. There are also alot of stake outs. These 2 tasks will be your most common tasks when you first start off in this field. Once you gain more experience, the'll give you better tasks.

    Source(s): Me- b.s. criminal justice/private security
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    -None. Though probably you won't get hired unless you had a degree in criminal investigation.

    -Normally, they search for information in a case/trial in the place of a detective. If the case includes a murder, then maybe, depending on if the government will let you handle corpses.

    -Just set up a private investigation office. Like many jobs of this type, however, you have to be government authorized.

    -You might have to carry a weapon with training for that weapon. They do not make that much money and work schedule is often random. They occasionally serve as bodyguards.

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    In most states you have to apply for a license, pass a test, get insurance or post a bond. You'd have to pass a background investigation and prove that you have 3 - 5 years of experience as an investigator.

    When you're a PI you usually work for either defense lawyers or insurance companies. Sometimes you get to work for governments. If you investigate murders it is to review a police investigation.

    You don't have any more authority than any other citizen, except for the fact that you are allowed to conduct investigations on behalf of other people and you have access to information from private sources that may not be available to the public. You do not have access to information that is available only to criminal justice agencies such as Computerized Criminal Histories (Rap Sheets from NCIC).

    It is challenging work, and i think one big difference between PI work and Criminal Investigation work (Police Detectives) is that you usually work on your own, you have no authority and fewer resources, so you have to be more resourceful.

    It is nothing like you see on TV. You spend most of your time digging for information and organizing it. You have to be very organized, methodical, detail oriented.

    Source(s): Many years experience as a PI
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    I believe you have to pass a state mandated test and you really become one by setting up your own business. Often the only people who know how to be Private Investigators are Ex-Cops ask one of them.

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    depends on where you live..

    they can investigate all kinds of things, if they are hired to do so, etc

    some states require you to get some kind of PI license..

    other than the license and advertise your services, that is basically how you would become one.. Oh besides being 18+ of course.. hope this helps a little bit..

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    It's not that thrilling. If you can dig in other people's garbage, looking for used condoms and other various articles used in divorce court, etc..., you can be a PI.

    Most PIs do investigations of infidelity. It's dirty, sleazy and sometimes dangerous, both physically and legally.

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    You need a brain to figure it out by yourself instead of asking it on yahoo answer.

    How do they investigate murders?

    Well ask a murderer i am sure you will find out. :D

    How do you really become one?

    You must first join the Scooby Doo squad and solve a mystery!

    Any other info?

    Well good luck on finding a murderer to find out. :D

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    Not too sure, my uncle is a PI though, I should ask.

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