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Disneyland or CA Adventure?

Im going to Disney on Sunday. WHich park in do you think is better (I really like HUGE rollercoasters but the friend i am inviting likes Disney better)

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    california adventure doesn't have that many rides. but they do have 2 really great thrill rides (tower of terror and california screamin). also, toy story mania is a fun ride thats new. and you have to ride soarin over california!!!!! so get a park hopper and go to ca adventure when it opens, do the big rides, then go to disneyland. you can definetly do both parks in one day since the parks are right next to eachother. and ca adventure closes early. so go there first thing in the morning to beat the crowds. hope i helped!

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    It takes a day to go to CA adventure and ride all the rides. It only has like 2 roller coasters, one small and one big. I recommend you go to Disneyland, it has a better variety of rides to choose from even though you have to wait on long lines. Disneyland still has better rides than CA

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    Get the park hopper, DCA is under construction but there are some great rides worth doing. Otherwise just stick DL.

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    Neither. Six Flags Magic Mountain or Knott's Berry Farm.

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    just buy park hoppers because you get to go to both parks

    Source(s): ive been to both parks and im going this thursday till sunday
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    nothing beats disney

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    go to dland the other one sucks and you can do it all in half a day

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