Why should Pakistan get Kashmir?

Hi, I have to do a debate in class, and I have to debate VS India on why Pakistan should get Kashmir.? However, I could not find much valid reasons online. I would appreciate it if someone would give me some reasons why. So far the only one that I have is that Kashmir is mostly an Islamic nation.

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  • Inam
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    1 decade ago
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    Pakistan is a country that ruled over India for 1000+ years as Muslim kings and it was british who snatached muslim kingship from Pakistan.Later Muslims again fought to get back their old land.According to partition map still half of pakistan part was NEVER given to pakistan.Pakistan claims that these parts are their integral part especially kashmir.The people of kashmir,ahmedbad usually march in streets waving pakistani flags and saying "we want to join our land"... so if their own people demand it so why not let them have it.Pakistan was deprived of every basic thing on 1947.pakistan wasn't given industries,money,hospitals and every mineral rich area was taken by india.pakistan started as bancrupt state, if it was not saudi arabia and whole arab who stood by pakistan side.Pakistan won't have survived.In 1950 india attacked us, in 1965 india attacked us, 1971 india attacked us.all these wars were because of kashmir.what else?We ruled over india and kashmir is our integral part and we will have it by force,by power,by love,by sacirifice.recently kashmiris held protests in kashmir and marched to pakistan border waving pakistan flags and saying "Pakistan when will you save us?".Indian army couldn't digest this so they opened fire on kashmiris and killed children,women,men.India commit genocide in kashmir still no one cares.Pakistan wants kashmiris to be in peace.

    If in right words not only kashmir but whole india belongs to Pakistan.we ruled them for centuries.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Partition of India took place in August 1947 on religious basis,with the Muslim majority areas forming Pakistan while Hindu & Sikh majority areas forming Bharat(India).The people of Kashmir being predominantly Muslims opted to join Pakistan but the Raja of Kashmir being a Hindu acceded to Bharat against the will of his subjects.Similarly the State of Hyderabad Deccan,Manavadar & Junagarh had a hindu majority but the rulers were Muslims who opted to join Pakistan,it is then that the Bharat army moved in to these 3 states and annexed them by force.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    pakistan want kashmir because kashmir have agricultured land

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