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would a blue tongue skink or would a bearded dragon win in a fight?

who would win in a fight? blue tongue skink or bearded dragon....because i know bearded dragons have defensive sharp spikes...?


who would win...bearded dragons or blue tongue skink? i know bearded dragons have defensive spikes...(NOT MY PETS...I AM JUST WONDERING)

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    I have both at home and I know that you aren't saying that you would put your pets together to let them fight you are just curious as to what we think would happen. I have no idea I have never seen either one angry enough to get in a fight. I never let Jibblet and Yura out together because of the possibility of a fight, however whenever one walks past the other they just look and keep on walking. The spikes on a beardie could easily hurt the skink, but the skink has a very powerful set of jaws that can easily draw blood (it happened to me not too long ago). I think it would finally depend on the size of each animal.

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    although the bearded dragon has some crazy spikes on the body, realize they really arnt made of bone, so they arnt "hard". I dont know if you have ever seen a pissed off skink, but with thoes CRAZY huge claws they get, the skink would probbly mess up that bearded dragon. Both of which are amazing pets, so dont actually see if im right!

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    Please don't pit ur animals against each other. It's cruel, juvenile and stupid. Not even gonna dignify this with an answer.

    Source(s): I've been breeding and raising reptiles of all kinds for 22 years. If you ever need any advice feel free to email me direct. cmiz308@yahoo Happy handling :)
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