Does anyone know any Morris jokes that ridicule the English?

The English stereotype being selfishness, pig-headedness, arrogance and stupidity through self-inflicted ignorance.

Here are a few to get you started.

Morris calls Easyjet to book a flight. The operator asks 'How many people are flying with you?'

Morris replies 'I dont know! It’s your f***ing plane!!'


Two English couples decided to swap partners for the night. After 3 hours of amazing sex Morris says to Nigel 'I wonder how the girls are getting on'


Farmer Morris is said to be shocked at finding out all his cows have Bluetongue. 'Well bugger me' he said, 'I didnt even know they had mobile phones!'


Morris takes his new wife to bed on their wedding night. She undresses & lies on the bed spreadeagled & says 'You know what I want dont you?'

'Yeah,' says Morris. 'The whole friggin’ bed by the looks of it!'

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    no sorry i do not..

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