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Is having a couple of Peanut butter & Jam/Banana sandwiches a week bad for you?

I use a tablespoon of JIF crunchy peanut butter (100 calories) and a tablespoon of sugarless jam (20 calories) on whole wheat bread (150 calories) or an average sized banana (about 80-90 calories) My concern is the 10 grams of fat it contains. Should i cut these out?


Yeah, they are always served as meals.

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    It really depends on what else you are eating. Eating these sandwiches as a meal on their own is FINE!!! Don't worry about the tiny amount of fat in them. But if you are eating them between meals, then that is probably a bit too much - would be better to have just the banana between meals.

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    The fat in peanut butter is good for you; all nuts are good for you. An adult should eat up to 60 fat grams per day, so you're fine. My favorite breakfast is a banana smeared with peanut butter. Yum.

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    Go easy on the peanut butter and jam. Just put a small amount on and don't over do it otherwise you could risk acquiring an increased stomach circumference.

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    not at all. although peanut butter contains fat it is not the same fat you would find in foods such as mcdonalds or whatever you may think. those fats are from peanuts which are plants so they do you more good than bad

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    Admittedly, yes, it is high in calories and fat and not particularly healthy at that - but having it occasionally is absolutely fine.

    You should never deprive yourself of the occasional treat.

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    yes it is bad

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