Do you believe that O's tax increases will become law but his spending cuts won't?

Obama says he will save $10 billion by capping payments to weathy farmers and billions more by scrapping other costly/inefficient farm programs. But don't tell that to Rep. Collin C. Peterson, the Minn. Dem. who chairs the House Agriculture Committee. "We just finished the (latest five-year) farm bill last year, and I don't think we'll olpen it up" he informed the Washington Times. If O had really wanted to reform farm subsides, he would have taken a stand when it mattered and voted against that bill in the Senate. Instead, he supported the subsidizers.

For his other proposed cuts to take effect, O will have to make credible threats to veto appropriations bills that increase spending where he has called for decreases. ..... judging by the bloated builk of the stim. bill there is little reason for optimism that Obama-era Dems will fare better than their predecessors. IN FACT, Obama's spending increases are LARGER THAN THE NEW REVENUE FROM HIS TAX HIKES. His deficit-reduction plan IS TO HOPE THAT THE ECONOMY IMPROVES.

What spending cuts we are likely to see are aren't necessarily ones that we should cheer. O would fund his health-care plan in part by gutting Medicare Advantage, the program that lets seniors choose privately administered health-care plans that are paid for my Medicare. Eliminating Medicare Advantage has been a liberal priority for years, because it is a roadblock to INSTITUTING A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM..

Obama promised to go through the budget "line by Line, ' looking for spending to cut. But in this task, as in others, he has sought the path of least resistance. The Left's sacred cows appear to be safe.

In short, O's budget raises taxes, increased spending and creates programs that are likely to put a drag on our economy, such as cap-and-trade.

The National Review

page 11

March 16, 2009

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    Correct, the spending will pass and the cuts will not.

    Also, the spending will not "sunset", that is, the programs will not come to an end, but will instead go on year after year requiring an ever increasing rate of taxation.

    Each time that spending programs are used, they are deemed "successful". The simple fact that someone took the money is taken as proof that the program in question is a good one, and is "needed".

  • 3 years ago

    every time a Dem candidate proposes a "tax decrease", this is a front to conceal for something else...yeah, they're going to offer you a "tax decrease" to make the tax advance they're approximately to enforce appear like a drop interior the bucket. this is an difficult dance.

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    1 decade ago

    If yourbama said it it's a lie, if it came from a politician it's a lie, if you heard it in the news it's a lie. basically unless you see it happen and feel the effects of what happens don't believe any of these theivin, murderin, doers of awful deeds

    If your not part of the solution your part of the problem

    Source(s): NO BAMA!!!!
  • 1 decade ago

    What Obama says and what Obama does have no connection.

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