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Why might reconstruction be considered a time in which the presidency was weak?



Update 2:

Reconstruction Period (1865-1877)

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    If you are talking about the Reconstruction Period as it pertains to the South after the War of Northern Aggression it was primarily caused by a weak Presidency. President Lincoln had a very firm grip on the Republicans (referred to even then as the Radical Republicans) who wished to punish the South and what became the Reconstruction was there way to do it. With his assassination and the Presidency of Johnson they were able to use the assassination to enable them to complete the plans they wished and when Johnson stood up and wanted to continue Lincoln's plans they attempted to remove him from the Presidency which would have made Stanton the President but that failed. Even the failure weakened him too much and they started Reconstruction which continued under President Grant, a very poor President who ran a very corrupt and favor based government. The Reconstruction Period led to a long term division between the North and South that continues today; most of the Jim Crow laws used to try to stop blacks from voting were actually rewrites of laws which were used during Reconstruction to keep former Confederates from voting. A massive shift in land ownership did not help blacks as land was taken from white Southerners for "failure to pay taxes" during the war were for the most part sold for pennies on the dollar to Northerner friends of the government both black and white.

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    Do everything now, and even if it does go bad - people won't remember by re-election time in 2012.

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    Because U.S. Grant was a raging alcoholic!

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