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Chief Justice Roberts has AGREED to review Obama Birth Certificate case?

In a social gathering YESTERDAY, one of the lawyers driving ONE OF MANY lawsuits DEMANDING that Obama provide PROOF of citizenship brought it to Robert's attention that the case was being blocked at earlier levels of the process.

In public forum, Chief Justice Roberts AGREED to personally review the law suits.

QUESTION - IF this ever went to court AND we found that Obama was NOT eligible for the Presidency and was forced to step down....

... would REAL Americans respect the rule of law, or would they IGNORE the law and protest (without basis) for their "popular" president who KNOWINGLY ran for an office he was not entitled to serve in?

Which would YOU be?


The case was NEVER thrown out. The case was NEVER HEARD because they claimed "one man" didn't have the authority to challenge the president.

I use caps to EMPHASIZE key words.

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    I will respect the decision of the Law if Obama shows his REAL birth-certificate, as the Constitution demands.

    The only reason Judge Roberts agreed to "read her papers", which is NOT an agreement that the case will be HEARD by the Supreme Court, was because attorney Orly Taitz confronted him PUBLICLY about the case and the ILLEGAL activity in the Supreme Court, in which I HIGHLY believe all 9 justices are aware.

    She made it known VERY CLEARLY in her request, that EVERY signer of the Eligibility Petition had written letters to EVERY Individual Justice on the Supreme Court, and so by doing so PUBLICLY, made the PUBLIC aware that FRAUD, and ILLEGAL PROTECTION of Obama's "Presidency", and the ILLEGAL CONTROL of the Court System by the OBAMA/LIBERAL Controlled Government, possible PAY-OFFS of Judges across the Country IS NOT ONLY VERY POSSIBLE, but VERY LIKELY, Considering that ALL of the other requests for hearings on Obama's eligibility to be President were THROWN-OUT or DISMISSED, not just by the Supreme Court, but by EVERY STATE Court that has had proposals. Justice Scalia was also confronted similarlly, in a public forum at a different time, but in a less striking manner.

    There is an attack on the RIGHTS of the American citizens going on, and some are even suggesting our RIGHTS are being STOLEN by Obama's government.

    I personally believe Justice Roberts KNEW the case was removed from the docket, as I believe the other Judges as well are ALL Politically BIASED, not for the Good intent of WE the PEOPLE, but for their own Political Power, and FINANCIAL GAIN.

    We Citizens, to these Government Agencies are just slaves, working peons to keep a country functioning, EXACTLY like the farm animals were to the PIGS in the book ANIMAL FARM. And if we don't do SOMETHING about it, we'll end up like the working animals who since they forgot how to think, BELIEVED the PIGS when they said to them, "You cannot get rid of Us, you don't know how to run a Farm", when in fact, the animals had been RUNNING the Farm (country) the WHOLE time, NOT the PIGS.

    Source(s): The case was NOT dismissed.Attorney Orly Taitz: My case was erased from the docket one day after the Inauguration, two days before my case was to be heard. This Link is the letter Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ Attorney wrote to Eric H. Holder Jr., Attorney General, US Department of Justice: Open letter, demand for investigation and immediate action in regards to following suspected crimes: In it are all the alleged crimes, including alleged tax fraud by, and illegal campaign contributions on behalf of, both Barak and Michele Obama.
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    A quick follow-up to Friday’s post: Obama “Birther” Orly Taitz did indeed confront Chief Justice John Roberts at a forum at the University of Idaho-Moscow. From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: At one point during the audience question period, Orly Taitz, a woman from Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., said she had documents proving that President Obama was not born in the United States and thus could not be president. While audience members laughed, she said she had half a million signatures of people demanding the Supreme Court hear the matter. Roberts cut her off by saying that if she had documents with her, she should give them to security officers. He also said he could not discuss the issue. =========================== NO. Taitz CLAIMS what she thinks Roberts said. Lies spread like wildfire. And she is lying. Anyone with 1/3rd an ounce of sense? Any judge who reads any document given to him, outside of a court, relating to any case that is pending or might be pending.. would be removed from the bench. Her action in this situation verge on criminal, at least enough to get her disbarred. Of course, let me go back and count... HOW MANY OF YOU ARE TOO UNEDUCATED TO REALIZE WHAT SHE DID? AND WHY IT IS ILLEGAL?

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    Its about time we start seeing this in the media, its been buried, ignored and discredited by 99% of the media sources. Thank god for the internet, 20 years ago they could have totally buried it and the average american would never know that the president was not eligible to hold the office…

    I would support and defend the law of the land, the United Sates Constitution. The constitution makes it clear that you must be a "natural born citizen" to hold the office of president. The be a "natural born citizen" BOTH parents MUST be US Citizens, Obama's father was not a US Citizen, Obama can not hold the office of president, CASE CLOSED!

    We must remain a country goverened by law, not by men!

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    I can honestly say as a lifelong Reagan-Republican that, had Reagan himself been found Constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of the presidency, I would - begrudgingly - back the decision, fully...more certainly given the knowledge I've gained in the past decade or so concerning governmental attempts to ignore restraints put in place as a hedge against known and potential threats to our Liberties.


    Currently, I'm a Constitutionalist, above all. I still like Reagan but now understand the immense power of the Congress as compared to the entire Executive branch.


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    I'd say Roberts has no authority to review the matter unless it was presented to the Supreme court on appeal.

    If, however, it was determined that Obama is not legally entitled to hold the office of president he would be vremoved and Joe Biden would take over. That is not something to be hoped for because that would put Nancy Pelosi only a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    While Obama is incompetent he is vastly superior, intellectually, to Biden.

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    Give it a few more months, his approval ratings are at an all time low. In one month 70% of America will be glad to get rid of him. The rest are a bunch of losers that can follow him back to Kenya, Indonesia, where ever the he// he's from !!!!!!!

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    It is good having Judge Roberts on the bench- he will set the record straight, once and for all.

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    The Hawaiian birth certificate that was released to the public had NO raised state seal. I'm a moderate Republican, my lady friend is a Democrat. She was the one that pointed it out to me. I doubt if anything will be done now. The big money is behind Obama. I also feel a false certificate has been manufactured by now that will be impossible to say it is fake.

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    Hello, President Biden!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sehr interessant...Ich meint..very interesting. I dont care for oBama's reign and I'd REALLY like to see the fallout from such a finding. A true Constitutional test in my lifetime!

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