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Today Show... breatfeeding is it really the best?

Oops I posted a question earlier saying it was Good Morning America but it was really the Today show (which I why I couldn't find the link on GMA) about breastfeeding and is it really as good as we make it out to be...

Heres the link to the interview


I am just wondering what your thoughts are... I personally breastfeed and think it is the best but I know some moms are really judgemental and do view formula like it is poision and really give moms who formula feed a hard time...

What do you guys think?


just realized I spelled breastfeeding wrong in the question sorry holding a baby and typing lol

Update 2:

Don't get me wrong I breastfeed my baby and I think its the best and I plan to do so for many many more months to come.. but I feel that people judge moms who give their baby formula wayyyy too much... I have seen some moms be in an uproar because they find out that a mom is feeding her baby formula but find it perfectly ok that a breastfeeding mom smokes!! HELLO 2nd hand smoking is wayyyyyyyy worse for a baby than formula!

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    I think breast is best - no doubts.

    Formula doesnt have live immunity in it

    BM is the perfect temp, perfect ingredients, ready made, no need for washing or sterilising.

    It reduces risks of certain cancers for the mother.

    Reduces risks of infections, and other diseases in children.

    It IS the best - no contest.


    Formul ISNT poison.

    Babies do most certainly thrive on it.

    They end up happy, healthy and strong.

    At least baby is fed and not left to starve like some poor kids of this world.

    At the end of the day, its a personal choice, one which no mother has the right to judge someone else on. We should all be more concerned about our own babies and just be happy that the baby being fed formula, is one less baby starving in the world.

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    Breast milk is better with out a doubt for all of the reasons we are all aware of and I believe every woman should be positively encouraged to breastfeed, but "formula" should be given the credit it deserves, i should imagine there are thousands if not millions of babies out there that have been given a chance to thrive because of the effort that has gone into the development of the dreaded "formula". Infants that without its presence on our supermarket shelves would have starved, (well if there was not such a thing as wet nursing!)

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    i definitely think breast is best and view formula as a replacement that should only be used if mother is unable to breastfeed. formula is the best alternative. but it is definitely not the best for the baby. that said, many formula fed babies are incredibly healthy and suffer no loss of nutrition besides lack of antibodies that the mother produces. it's all a matter of opinion. But what i really do think is that if the mother is choosing to formula feed when she is perfectly able to breast feed is very selfish. Also i believe a baby should definitely get the colostrum if mother decides not to breastfeed.

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    While I believe that breast feeding is the best option for babies, I think it is not always the best for a mother. If a mom is working it can be nearly impossible to not use formula. I have a friend whose milk never came in so she used formula too. It is made to be healthy for babies.

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    I think if you can breastfeed, if you can't use formula. But be sure it is the best formula for your baby. Nothing is healthier for you baby than mom's milk.

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    Babies are born to be breastfed. A woman who chooses to use formula does so at her baby's risk, and she better have a darn good reason for doing so. I am tired of being politically correct about this. There are so many reasons why formula feeding is an inferior choice that it is incredibly selfish to choose not to nurse one's baby. The AAP says 6 months of only breastmilk, and continue breastfeeding until the end of one full year, even as baby begins to try foods and beverages.

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    well im proud my baby was formula fed cos my boobs sucked and wouldnt feed her right lol no pun intended;)...poison no saviour yes! as she wasnt starved and she is still thriving:))) do i still think breast is best? yes i do...but i think formula is just as good as an alternative.

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    formula is fine for babies who don't have a choice - but i think it should be given only on doctor's prescription.

    how sad is it that ***afghanistan*** has better breastfeeding rates than north america!? ***ninety-six percent*** of afghan children ages 12 to 15 months are still breastfed! over there, a doctor has to prescribe formula and it's hideously expensive.

    i think that, barring medical or physical problems, there's no reason a woman cannot provide her own milk for her baby - convenience is a sad excuse.

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    i think brest feeding is the best way to go up to a year or as long as you can under a year.

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