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What do I get for senior gifts for a softball team?

I need to get senior gifts for my highschool softball team, and I wanna start thinking early. I want them to be really different and really creative. Not so much clothing, unless you can come up with a really good idea for clothes. Any ideas? If you were a senior what would you want? Or if you were a senior and you really liked you present, what did you recieve?

Thanks so much!

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    what we made last year for all the seniors on senior day (last home game of the high school season) was little jars with their "positions" it them

    we went out to the field and to their position and collected some infield dirt, grass, part of the chalk line, etc., depending on where they played

    we then put it in a jar and decorated them with ribbons, paint markers, etc

    they really liked them, and they are something memorable

    u could get them clothing from the college they're going to, even tho its not very creative

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    Softball Team Gifts

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    We always buy our seniors "inside jokes". If anyone has an inside joke with a senior, we buy them something to represent that. We also bought them books about moving on in life kind of theme/taking the next step and we all signed it and wrote a short message.

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    A coffee maker. When I was in college I had a $15 coffee maker that lasted me all 4 years and was invaluable.

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