Difference between HUC and JTS?

In terms of looking for a Judaism-related college, what is the difference between Hebrew Union College and Jewish Theological Seminary?

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    HUC is Reform and JTS is Conservative. I don't know more than that.

    If you're intending to go for smicha, you need to take your rabbinical training with the movement you want to be ordained by.

    If you're just looking to learn more, see if you can find articles or books by the professors who teach the courses that interest you most. That's the best way to get a feel for who you want to study with. And request brochures from the schools.

    Have fun. :-)

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    The HUC is explicitly and ONLY of the Reform Movement, where as the JTC is explicitly and ONLY of the Conservative Movement. They do not cross paths at all.

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    They both reject Christ as Savior so...........I would avoid both if I were you

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