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Did the 2004 tsunami disaster prove christianity's the true religion, given when AND where it occured?

1. There are 365 days in a year. But 2004 was a leap year, so the odds of this special year was already only 1:4. God chose a leap year to symbolically prove he can do this even in the longest year.

2. The world's largest religions were affected- hindu India, buddhist thailand, muslim Indonesia. Indonesia's the world's largest muslim country; India's the world's largest hindu country; Sri Lanka's the hearland of theravada buddhism. God chose to punish symbolically important countries of other religions. It's a miracle that such symbolically close countries all experienced this at the same time.

3. No christian country was affected. Christianity's the largest religion in the world. It's a miracle that the biggest religion would be left untouched.

4. It happened one day after christmas. God wanted christians to celebrate christmas. He could have ruined it with disaster, but it was a day for celebration. The disaster came one day after- to countries who don't celebrate christmas. The odds of this alone are 366:1, then compound it by how rarely massive tsunami's have happen each century and it's a further miracle.

There are so many more symbols. It's sad god chose this way to reveal himself but it's god's power.

The mathematical odds of these all happening by just 'luck' is wishful thinking because it's so slim. The proof is self-evident on so many basic and deeper levels.

What are you thoughts?

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    No-one can calculate God.

    All things point to God.

    Nothing to me stands out as a prof, when all things are prof.

  • Anonymous
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    1._ Natural disasters occur every year, so a major one occurring during a leap year bears no more significance than a major one occurring during a normal year.

    2._ Those counties were effected because they were nearest to the disaster. Again, no real significance.

    3._ Christianity isn't the largest religion in the world, and there are no "Christian countries." The only "Christian country" (as many call it) is America and that wasn't anywhere near the tsunami, so obviously it wouldn't be hit. America is also the only nation where Christianity is the dominant religion, so the majority of Christians would be located in America (which wasn't hit) and would therefore be untouched.

    4._ Having a disaster happen a day after a certain religions holiday is obsolete. Disasters happen every day, both on, off and a day after many a religious holiday. So that "point" is useless.

    My thoughts?

    You are a nutter who is looking too hard for signs of your god. Please, get a life.

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    So if your hypothesis is true and Christianity is the one "true" religion, what do you have to say about the millions upon millions who have been born, lived honest productive lives, and then died never knowing that Christianity ever existed? Is it just their tough luck that a good samaritan like you did not bring this to their attention before death? Because by your rules, they're basically lost now.

    Religion makes believing in God so complicated that it's no wonder there are so many atheists. Loving God is not a competition and being in the "right religion" is certainly not a prerequisite for God to love us. I will go so far as to say that God probably preferrs the Atheist who does not judge his fellow man, to the Christian who does nothing but find fault in others.

  • Shehan
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    From 2004 tsunami disaster people of many religions died including christians and catholics.over ten thousand tourists from Sweden,germany,australia and many other western countries died due to this tragedy.

    Why did your so called "GOD" killed those innocent people including his followers?If he wants to prove that he is the real thing ,then why don't he uses his power in a more descent manner to show his talents.

    What do you think about world wars?In the world wars people which hit the tsunami were least damaged,if not 'not damage',while many western countries and followers of christianity were devastated.

    Tsunami is a natural rare incident and don't be selfish to use such a catastrophe to prove your religion correct.

    We Theravada Buddhist don't even think about such silly points,to prove our religion and we don't want to tell the others that we are correct, just because we know the truth.

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    "No christian country was affected."

    Country = not a small area.

    If no Christians were affected AND there was a holy light, sky writing, and something else freaky in addition to the god being making an actual appearance performing miracles complete unexplainable by anyone, then yeah sure it was a god.

    Other than that, you are a whackjob conspiracy theorist.

    Edit: Christmas is a PAGAN holiday.

    The mathematical odds say this was somehow wishful thinking? Are you aware they call it the ring of fire since earthquakes happen all the time?

  • 1 decade ago

    What happened had nothing to do with God. It was purely an act of nature. Note that nature is not God. God does not cause the rain to fall or the wind to blow nor does He take delight in punishing his own children.

    Natural disasters could happen anywhere anytime be it a christian or muslim country. It has nothing to do with God. God is above religion. He is not a christian, hindu, sikh, buddhist or a muslim.More importantly, He does not punish anybody. Rather, we punish ourselves for our misdeeds. For whatever action we perform, we get the fruit of it.

  • za
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    1 decade ago

    No, I don't think so.

    The US gained its independence in a leap year. And in July - that's a 1 in 12 chance. And on the 4th - another 1 out of 31 chance (see how God chose one of the longest months?). so just those facts by themselves narrow it down to under 1 in a 1000.

    That shows that God MUST .... No it doesn't

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  • Anonymous
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    I don't have the words to say how contemptible I find your opinions and conclusions!

    I am positive the the relatives of the 200,000 thousand people who died?, would have no problem telling you what to do with you theory, either!

    Spare me from christians like you, who give religion an even worse name than it has already!!

    Source(s): happy and proud atheist
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why would God want Christians to celebrate a pagan holiday - turned into Christ's birthday by the Catholic Church? Your whole theory, or whatever it is that you call it, is ridiculous.

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