PC file transfer slowed down?

recently ive been transferring files from a external HDD ior from my other HDDs to a new one but the thing is ive noticed its been really slow my pc is a core 2 duo 1.6 ghz with 2 gig ram.well when i transferred a 3.51 gig file it took over 15-20 mins but when i got it using my external HDD from my friend it only took like 3-5 mins is there anything wrong with my HDD or software?


maybe but i remember it being way faster before what program can monitor the transfer rate?

Update 2:

well i also noticed one thing before i dismantled my cpu to discharge static buildup file transfers would be faster and it would have less CPU usage than it is now before at the most 15-20% now its at 40-54% CPU usage

Update 3:

also i noticed since i got the HDD working again, im not sure if its caused by my SATA HDD or not but every now and then id get cpu usage spikes. before id be on a level cpu usga e esp when i mix music now i noticed every now and then the usage would spike up to 56% and u can hear how messed up the audio becomes from lag. my music editing programs are on my IDE drive not my SATA

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    This is due to the different read/write speeds of your hard drive and external HDD. Your friend's hard drive may spin at a higher RPM than yours, giving him a faster read/write, or transfer, speed. The faster the RPM, the faster the hard drive can access the different sectors to locate file fragments and transfer them to the other storage medium. Nothing to be concerned about, but there is software that you can download to help manage file transfers so you can monitor the transfer speed, pause file transfer, allow buffering, etc, but nothing to speed up the transfer process.


    It may have been faster before because the data was all on the same sector. You may want to run disk defragmenter to see if it helps improve the transfer. There is also the possibility that your hard drive is failing but you would notice other inconsistencies with boot up speed, performance, and disk failures. You can try BurstCopy but don't always rely on their claim that it speeds up file transfers, that's usually a catch to get you to try the program.

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