France was alwayse defeated by UK?

I think France don't like england (?)

because they alwayse fail to war with UK?

France was alwayse defeated by UK?



who win?

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    This is to do with "the spanish armada"

    its just like how "ireland dont like england" as they tried to take over our country and killed countless civilians

    But anyway ..

    Philip II was born six years before Elizabeth I in 1527 and died five years before her in 1598. Between them 'el rey prudente' (the prudent king) and the virgin queen dominated the second half of the sixteenth century. Quite unusually for reigning monarchs of that period, they actually met. This occurred in May 1555 while Philip was king consort of England and when Elizabeth was brought to Hampton Court after her imprisonment at Woodstock. Neither has left any personal recollections of the meeting, but from the wariness with which they treated each other thereafter no great rapport seems to have been established.

    But Philip did harbour a grievance. He claimed the credit for bringing Elizabeth back to court and arranging a reconciliation with her half-sister (according to one account he observed the meeting between them from hiding). It was at this point that his doubts about Mary's ability to conceive were confirmed by her hysterical pregnancy, and in the absence of an heir of their bodies he gave his support to Elizabeth's ultimately uncontested accession in 1558. This assistance she refused to acknowledge. Backing Elizabeth was not a comfortable decision, for he harboured few illusions about her religious allegiances and he appreciated that he was probably abandoning English Catholics to their fate. A sense of responsibility inspired his offer of marriage to her in 1559 - a gesture strongly opposed in Spain - and lasted for the rest of his life.

    'But Philip did harbour a grievance. He claimed the credit for bringing Elizabeth back to court...'

    The steady decline in relations between England and Spain after 1558 makes it tempting to see a certain inevitability in the hostilities that broke out in 1585 and dominated the last years of Philip's and Elizabeth's lives. Yet it was not a conflict that either of them sought and war was never formally declared. The drift into war meant that a number of fluctuating issues and pressures became involved and assigning precise causes is not easy. But, if there is one, it is undoubtedly what became known in the Catholic world as the Empresa de Inglaterra (the Enterprise of England), the overthrow of the new Protestant regime.

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    First, France loves peace since 1940 where it was defeated (surprisingly easily) but it wasn't always the case. In history, France is the country in Europe that made the more wars (and contrary to what many Americans think, it's also one of the most successful of all time). France was surrounded by enemy countries : Mainly Spain, Germany, Italy and UK. It needed to have a great power and to be able to resist any war. France attacked England first with the Norman invasion. Later, England attacked France in order to keep its territories there and was defeated in the Hundred Years' War. Then France was occupied fighting everybody in Western-Europe and England sided (more or less) with France's enemies, wanting to balance the power. When France finally won against everybody in Western-Europe after the Thirty Years' War, it took control of North America. Later the UK came and defeated France. France then help the Americans fighting the UK and so attacked the UK everywhere on the seas before beating them in Yorktown. Then Napoleon came and started to invade all Europe (except the UK > British Channel). The UK defeated the French navy and after the failed invasion of Russia, allied with the rest of Europe to defeat the French in Waterloo. Then the 2 countries started to colonize other countries and created the biggest colonial empires. They finally allied and fought side by side against Germany and, with some help of the US, won WW1. (France didn't lose WW1, it was the main Allied power) In WW2, France was defeated and had to be liberated by the UK and the US. Churchill was very anti-French, De Gaulle was very anti-English/American , and so even after the war there were some tensions between France and the UK. Even now, the UK is considered in Europe and mostly by France to be the pet of the USA and anti-European whereas France created the European Union and wants to balance the power of the USA. For centuries, France and the UK were the two most powerful countries in the world and so became big rivals. However England/UK wasn't always the bad guy. For a long time, France had been the most dangerous nation in Europe, so it was a good candidate to inspire hatred, fear, reject... It's still the case because France never shuts up in front of the USA/UK. I think the UK was probably the good guy until the colonization. Now, France is a peacekeeper whereas the UK always sides with the USA, which aren't very peacekeeping. However you can say that if Germany hadn't obtain the title after its two world wars, France would be considered the most agressive nation of all times. (Very simplified version of history)

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    France....Defeated.....NO way. we've always had a bit of a ruck with France, but no one defeats the French. They are very much like the British. You may win the war, but you could never defeat the people. Get over to France for a few days break, and you'll see what i mean. The French are a great people, France is a great country.

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    England has only defeated France when England was allied with the rest of Europe to defeat France(at the times of Luis XIV and Napoleon).Fighting alone England has always lost from France(1066,Hundred Years War).

    England has only defeated Germany when was part of an alliane(WWI,WWII)-in the 7-year Silesian war,England was allied with Frederick the Great.

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    The French tend to win skirmishes or battles and then go on to lose the really big ones that count because they cannot hang on to the really good soldiers who are mercenaries and not French. When they have to fight on their own, they quickly bottle it and run back into the kitchen. Sakozy is likely to lead the way. I say this even though I'm a francophile.

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    Read your history books!!! US Brits didn't always win the battle! Most of our Kings have immigrated from the continent and Scandinavia! None of them were pure Britons. Check the history of the British Isles BEFORE these foreigners landed on our shores!!!

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    All neighbours fight.

    For example heading westward across Europe:

    Scotland England

    UK France

    France Germany

    Germany Russia

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    The French did beat us once , the hundred year war although we won most of the battles .

    Ali G the Normans were not French ! Study some history before you start making comments about things you don't understand .

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    Nope, Look up 100 years war.

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    Check out the Norman conquest as well

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