chantix and psudoephedrine?

I am taking chantix and am comming down with a sinus infection and was wondering if I can take a 30 mg pill of psudoephedrine twice a day to relieve the sinus problem? and please only answer if you truely know from experience or if you are in the medical field. thank you

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    I just checked my source at Medscape using their drug interaction checker as I was not familiar with chantix. Hope that is helping you. I know a couple of tricks for you. To check your sinuses for an air fluid level (leads to infection) take a small penlight and go into the bathroom. Wrap your lips around the penlight as if it were a straw. Turn on the penlight and the room light off. If you glow like a "jack-o-lantern" on Halloween .. no air fluid level. If the light is dimmed then you definitely have an infection. Try a warm, moist washcloth and place it on whichever set of sinuses are bothering you. Frontal= forehead. ethmoids & paranasal= over the eyes and bridge of nose. Maxillary= over the nose and cheeks. As it cools repeat process. It will help to break up the congestion allowing you to clear your sinuses. Plus once you are successful in smoking cessation your sinus problems will be less frequent. Good luck you can do it. I did about 7 years ago after smoking for 30 years.

    Source(s): Sgt, USAF, Retired, Aeromedical Tech. Former EMT Chronic, bilateral maxillary sinusitis sufferer for almost 40 years. I have had 3 surgical procedures to help me. Nasal polypectomy. Left Caldwell-Luc, and septoplasty.
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