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結婚 兩個英文用詞

1) 本人看 Bride War, 兩位女主 角用一個手提條碼機,去百貨公司逐件逐件貨物 「嘟嘟」,但又不似買。請問這部條碼機是什麼來的?英文名是什麼?是否準備婚禮用的?作用是什麼?

2) 外國女仔結婚前會舉辦新娘禮物會,起源是什麼?包括什麼內容?英文叫什麼?


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    1. the machine is called "barcode scanner", the are probably setting up their "wish list". in western countries, friends and relatives always buy the couple wedding gifts. if the bride registers a wish list in a department store, then her friends can check out what she would like to have as gifts.

    2. that is called bridal shower

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