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誰能幫我翻譯成英文? (急需!!!)





麻煩大大幫我把這兩題中翻英......我很急需要阿!! >"<

但是拜托不要用翻譯軟體喔 ˊˋ"


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    High speed rail--the newest high speed transportation on land, has a speed of 500KM per second, and runs through all cities from Bullet Train of Japan, Maglev Train of France and Shanghai, TGV high speed train of Europe to THSR of Taiwan. These great constructions made great changes to the efficiencies of traffic, economy, population, technology, traveling and ecvironment, and seems like an unstoppable trend whether in or out of the country.


    Japan has been regarded as the Father of high speed railway. Due to the destructions during the second World War II, traumatizing the whole Japan, Japan built the Shinkansen just after ten years, which not only shorten the commuting time between Tokyo and Osaka, but also trigger the development of cities and business centers. The economic reaction of Japan's bullet train not only reinvigorate its economy, but also large increase in Japan's trading population and traveling.

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    1.The newest on land speed-up haulage tool - high-valence iron, its speed each second has surpassed 500 kilometers speeds to pass through each city, from the Japanese bullet train, French and Shanghai's magnetism floats the train, European TGV the bullet train to Taiwan's high-valence iron, these constructed significantly enable the benefit which the transportation, the economy, the population, the science and technology, the traveling, the environment brought to have the significant change, regardless of domestic, the overseas this high-valence iron unrest looked like is plunders not to be possible to keep off.


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