paper about immigration helllpppppp?

ok so i have to do a paper on immigration

and im arguing if immigration is a burden or benefit.

on three subjects. Tax. Education. and Jobs.

i need two reasons for each subject for each side.

i got one for each of them.. but i need more



its for both legal and illegal

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    When you are dealing with the pros of immigration, they tend to be real in countries with limited educational processes. They can be real when the men of a country were used for cannon fodder. They can also be real if you pursue the idea the only way to prosperity is through a constantly increasing population.

    In this country, the Democrats and the Republicans both... both... have said the only way to prosperity is through a constantly expanding population. I believe the only way to prosperity is good government, and in this world today, over population can spell doom for any first world country there is.. including ours.

    But in the meantime, where jobs are available, and the educational background is sufficient, immigration is fine. Sadly, that educational background is NOT sufficient far to often, and we wind up with bitter immigrants that could have had a very good life in their own country when they are fired. And keep in mind, people like the US Business Association has indicated we all will change jobs at least fire times over the lifetime of our working, and more in many cases.

    For those two reasons up there, I am lacking, totally, in Pros for Immigration.

    I see a lot of cause to reduce the population of the world. At this point we have not had a major weather catastrophe.. and that includes Katrinia in New Orleans. But as a reflection of over population, that time of a catastrophe IS coming and that is not a guess.

    Calling Immigration a burden is correct in times when we have to many people in a nation with X resources and far to many ways to split the resources. From food, which is going to be more, and more difficult to obtain, to water, which is also going to be scarce.. and a source of wars.. in the future. And also almost all of the infrastructure ideas that exist out there. Electricity creates smog unless it is nuclear, and we are pushing toward a staggering increase in the use of coal to make electricity. (If we reduce our population, that won't happen.) Bridges? Highways? We need about three times the millage in highways that we have currently. We also need far, far more track for the Railroads. We don't have bridges, highways, railroads, water, food, insulated homes, nuclear power plants, or enough petroleum to run our communication/transport systems. What this country does not have is enormous and don't shuck me with that statement... "Oh.. we will find a way." We should have found a way a long time ago.. and have not.

    Take a look.. it speaks a million words in the first page.

    We have to many people in our country, and we need to stop the immigration in my opinion. If we don't, we will get a smooth talking idiot who will tell us .. yes we can. We cannot.. we don't even have the ability to cope with a major increase in our population. And consider this... are you willing to accept a 'one child policy'?

    Immigration has a huge number of problems. We need to cool it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well first we need to know if you are talking about legal or illegal immigration.

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