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So how do you Britts feel about Obama now that he is breaking?

the decades old relationship between our nations. I read he returned a bust of Churchill to the British embassy that Tony Blair gave to Bush after 9/11

The same question can be applied to jews who voted for BO Israel is loosing it's greatest defender in US/Israeli relations


BO is quoted as saying "Get that goddamn thing out of here" on seeing the bust of Churchill in the oval office.

Update 2:

The London Daily Telegraph succinctly stated: “Obama has been rudeness personified toward Britain.”

Update 3:

In an interview on a Palestinian Authority (PA) TV teen show, Clinton Hillary “accepted the false premise of her teenage interviewer that Palestinians live under Israeli occupation without freedom and liberty, thereby helping to legitimize a false basis of Palestinian incitement to hate Israel,”

Update 4:

President Barack Obama hosted his first foreign leader when he met in early March with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown — and it was a “diplomatic disaster.”

That’s the view of historian Arthur Herman, whose latest book is “Gandhi and Churchill: The Epic Rivalry That Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age.”

In an opinion piece published in the New York Post, Herman points to several examples of Obama apparently seeking to downplay the traditionally close U.S.-Britain ties:

* Obama did not hold a joint Rose Garden press conference with Brown, the “usual protocol” when a president and British prime minister first meet.

* Instead of citing the decades-old “special relationship” between the two countries, a White House spokesperson referred to a “special partnership.”

* In the traditional gift exchange between the two leaders, Brown gave Obama a pen holder made from the timber of the first British ship to fight the slave trade, and a signed first edition of the classic 8-

Update 5:

* volume biography of Winston Churchill by Randolph Churchill and Sir Martin Gilbert.

Obama’s gift to Brown was a collection of DVDs of classic American films, including “Psycho,” which are all available in British stores.

But Obama had earlier demonstrated his disdain for Churchill, ordering that the bust of Churchill that Prime Minister Tony Blair had presented to the U.S. after 9/11 be returned to the British Embassy.

In fact, another Churchill expert, “Churchill: Speaker of the Century” author James Humes, cited a report that when Obama first entered the Oval Office and saw the Churchill bust, he said, “Get that goddam thing out of here.”

Herman wrote in the Post: “This was a stunning posthumous attack on the memory of a man who was not only the living embodiment of the Anglo-American special relationship (Churchill was half American), but of its ideological foundations.”

That special relationship has seen American and British forces fight together in two World Wars, Korea

Update 6:

, the first Gulf War, Bosnia and most recently in Iraq.

But the eight volumes of Churchill’s biography “will plainly sit unread on the White House bookshelf — because Barack Obama clearly considers that legacy, like the Anglo-American alliance itself, to be outdated,” Herman observed.

The London Daily Telegraph succinctly stated: “Obama has been rudeness personified toward Britain.”

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    Well said Pdaddy!! 10 star question.

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    I don't know how the British feel about Obama but

    I just hope the British and Israel do not hold the U.S. accountable for what Obama and Hillary does or says. I know that more Americana's voted for Obama but most of them are sorry for it now. We had nothing to do with sending the bust back of Churchill. Obama did not ask our permission to do it. I have never talked bad about an American president except for Clinton a few times but Obama is an idiot and Hillary is always going to be Hillary. She doesn't know when to talk and when to shut up. And for her to be Secrretary of State would be a laugh if it wasn't so serious.

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    Obama hasn't done anything wrong by returning the bust that was loaned to his predecessor. Your "source" is just an opinion piece from some Hater. Herman is an American conservative. How is he opinion predictive of what BRITS think?

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    It really doesn't matter because we're still always going to suck up to America, believe me it's not ruining any relationship with our government, though the public probably do think differently of the American govt. I don't think the American government has ever really thought much of the British government anyway..

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    You forgot to mention that our young, fit, energetic president also recently snubbed the Prime Minister because he was too tired!

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    So, we lost our long time ally, because Obama chose the wrong knicknacks for his office?

    Look....I'm all for critical analysis.....but if this is what you have to complain about, then you have too much time to complain. Find some real issues.

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    Quoted by whom exactly? Aren't you taking this a"bit" out of context?

    You know,,leaving stuff out of a story that may have relevance ?

    Sort of like the American media does?

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    Returning a bust that was ON LOAN isn't breaking the law. Quite frankly returning a gift isn't against the law either, just rude. The Brits I know don't give a damn about this fake issue.

    Israel hasn't lost anything. Try getting your info from an intelligent source for a change.

    edit: I love the fake quote. Why would Obama be angry over a bust of Churchill? He knows he can decorate the office any way he likes... it would be a simple matter to remove it.

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    yeah and Marie Antoinette was quoted as saying "if they can't afford bread let them eat cake" but it's not actually true.

    only the stupid and uneducated pay attention to propaganda.

    EDIT: does this mean that the people giving me thumbs down think that smart people pay attention to propaganda too? or have they simply not done their research and think that Marie Antoinette actually said that quote?

    either way you're the village idiots.

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    ..let's not forget that extremely tacky gift (in my opinion) of CD's that he gave to the Prime Minister...I was embarressed for Obama & I don't even like the man, but dang, show a little bit of class please!

    Source(s): Could've been worse, he might have given some of those tacky Obama election plates :P
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