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What do you think of dual citizenship?

Should or should not be possible for a person to hold citizenship in more than one country at the same time?

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    It depends on the country:

    for example:

    1- YOu have a us citizenship

    2-you want to have a mexican citizenship, you can have both

    1-You have an US citizenship

    2-you want to have a cuban or russian (i'm not sure about the russian) citizenship= you cannot do that. to be a cuban you must have only ONE citizenship=only cuban.

    I want to have a puertorican citizenship, sadly, the goverment denies all puertorican the right to be puertorican citizens, even when our laws allow it. There is only one puertorican with puertorican citizenship, along with the american, his name is Juan mari bras, after he went to the US embassy in venezuela i believe, the embassy granted him the puertorican citizenship, and at the same time he renounced his american citizenship. when the us goverment noticed that, it orderred all US embassies to stop granting puertorican citizenships, and to start denying puertoricans their right to choose to NOT be american citizens. After that. the us revoked his petition to stop being an american citizen, that is why he is now both puertorican and american. To the date, he is the ONLY puertorrican with puertorican citizenship. and puertorico is the only country that do not allow (the US do not allow) its people to become citizens of that country...we we are stuck in the middle. we are an "independent" country associated with the us, but we cannot bbe citizens of that country.

    to robert: that is why i wrote "independent" with brakets, i know for fact and for experience that PR is a colony, but still, why not allow puertoricans to be puertorican citizens? why order all us embassies to stop granting PR citizenship, even when the us "recognized" the pr citizenship?

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    Dual-citizenship is sometimes necessary in today's world. People are traveling around more and more, sometimes they fall in love and children are born as a result. They're not always married, and they don't always have a desire to live together. So why should their children grow up and be forced to choose one side of their family over an other? That seems really harsh. It would also mean that parents have no right to pass their own citizenship on. Can you imagine having a child abroad and not being able to bring it home with you? It's a completely crazy idea. There is also the small fact that every country creates it's own immigration laws. If they wish to allow somebody to have citizenship, then that is entirely their right to do so. :-)

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    This is a hard one...

    Between two close allies it can sometimes seem necessary, the US and Canada for instance, as you could easily have family in both or grown up going back and forth between both, and as politically, economically, and socially we're like two peas in a pod... but then again, how hard is it to go back and forth between Canada and the US? You only need a passport and that is a recent development.

    (Or as the commenter above mentioned, the UK and Australia, both close allies from the successor states of the British Empire)

    As for most countries... it could present a real problem. I don't see how you could be a US/Chinese citizen... we really just aren't that good of friends as countries... how could either country really trust a dual national... most people don't freely go back and forth, you usually don't have a lot of family in both, our countries do not have a lot in common, and where your loyalty lies could be questionable for everyone...

    Remember, the idea of citizenship is not just a set of rights and privileges some people have as a fluke inside a nation state. It is a set of responsibilities to your country and fellow citizens, one of which is loyalty. Why should your fellow citizens afford you loyalty and safety if you are not committed to doing your utmost to provide them the same? Citizenship is a reciprocal agreement, and what I wonder, is can you truly be completely committed to two peoples at once? This is near impossible, and in a time of conflict, especially war, it is literally impossible, even if you act against neither, sitting on the fence is disloyalty to both of them, you owe more than neutrality to your nation.

    (As for the Peurto Rican girl... Peurto Rico is not an 'independent country' it is a commonwealth in association with the United States. The United States has retained legal sovereignty over Peurto Rico for over 100 years, even if self rule has been granted.)

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    Yes, people should be allowed to hold dual citizenship if they have genuine ties to both countries. I'm a dual citizen of UK and Australia and I'm so glad I was given this chance. I didn't want to turn my back on Britain, even though I'm not likely to go and live there in future - I still have an emotional attachment to the place, it is where I grew up and where my family lives. How could I not be British? On the other hand, I've lived in Australia for many years and want to vote here and participate fully in society. I was happy to have the chance to become Australian too.

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    Hi, dual citizenship is good.

    I believed this world should be liberal and as long as we play the game right and legally there should he a flexibility in allowing people to get around the world living as where they can settled down and work to be recognized as people of the world.

    The immigration should recognized the problem is not so much of they have to do the paper work but world needs to be free for all and as the country accepted them to become their country citizens.

    Defusing frustration problem.

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    Madman has the assumption different than that Germany does enable twin citizenship under particular circumstances (under age 23, twin citizenship at beginning, and so on.) Mexico on the different hand does no longer enable twin citizenship. maximum Mexican human beings that have a US and a Mexican passport are US electorate and Mexican nationals (2 particularly some issues).

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    I have dual citizenship. One for being born and raised somewhere and another for immigrating somewhere. I believe you can be true to two countries. If they were ever at war, you would have to choose but if they are not, you can live in one for a few years and another for a few years and love them both.

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    It is a joke! There should only be one citizenship for the USA only and it is US Citizenship. The USA should not allow people to become US Citizens without them terminating their parent country's citizenship. Where is your allegiance? US citizenship is not a piece of paper that you can "flip-flop".

    Additional Comment: To avoid the situation of having children born of parents of different citizenships is simple. Just date and marry someone of the same nationality. If you live abroad then you find someone who is the same citizenship as you when it comes to dating. Yes, I know it is not always easy. I lived abroad too. But dual citizenship is not practical either.

    Additional Comment: Puerto Rico is a political division of the United States. Their nationality is US Citizen.

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    I am an immigrant from another country. I am currently permanently living in the United States. I care about what happens in my old country, and would like to reserve the right to vote. But at the same time, Iove America and it has become my actual home.

    So basically, is it possible to love two things at once? Is it possible to want chocolate milk and strawberry milk equally? Of course. Same with countries.

    However I think this right should be reserved specifically for people who legally emigrate here and make America their permanent home, otherwise people are just taking advantage of the system.

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    I think dual citizenship should not be allowed if one or both of the countries are at war, either with each other, or with another country, because it prohibits full loyalty developing for either country.

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