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Obama's education plan, some parents are failing their children, the state should take over?;_ylt=AqVkY...

This was one of the themes I got from one of my previous questions. Mind you, its stated much more bluntly than what they have posted, you can read their responses yourself and measure the validly of my translation.

I'm not sure if this is to bridge the gap between successful parenting and unsuccessful parenting, or a way for parents to pass on some of their responsibilities to the state.

I'm in college now as well as part of the Golden Key International Honors Society (lol, got my bragging done). So, I can tell you in high school, if you wanted to learn, you could. The people I went to high school with, were the same people that I went to elementary with, so I know most of them and their families, and I can tell you self motivation was the biggest key to success, no matter their class or social background. Also if school ranged from 8 to 8 (look at the link within the link), I would have been denied educational activities that I took part in after school, my informal education (reading books and online readings) would have been denied, or not of my choosing. Some parents actually do take time to teach and educate their children.

Also the bias that occurs in school is plain atrocious, that I would not want my kids (don’t have any) in public education. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been harassed. Since my experience is limited to Ca, it’s very possible this behavior is only in Ca as that is all I can personally speak on about, but I doubt that.

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lol, I know what your thinking “finally this windbag is getting to the dam question” or something more colorful.

I agree summer schools should be introduced again to a point where it can be used to get ahead and not just for mistakes. I agree that something needs to happen to improve education. I agree.


How far does state intervention need to go? And when did self motivation become an unfair advantage?

Is this the only and best solution?

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    Scary isn’t it. Manipulating children has always been a key component of socialistic/fascist regimes. Throughout history totalitarian leaders like Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin have made a concerted effort to indoctrinate children with their lies and ideology. These men understood that the best way to get people to go along with an oppressive regime was to get to them before they could think for themselves; if children could be coerced into believing that their “beloved” leader could do no wrong then they would be less apt to rebel against him when they grew up.

    We're gonna spread happiness

    We're gonna spread freedom

    Obama's gonna change it

    Obama's gonna lead 'em

    We're gonna change it

    And rearrange it

    We're gonna change the world.

    Now's the moment, lift each voice to sing

    Sing with all your heart!

    For our children, for our families,

    Nations all joined as one.

    Sing for joy and sing abundant peace,

    Courage, justice, hope!

    Sing together, hold each precious hand,

    Lifting each other up;

    Sing for vision, sing for unity,

    Lifting our hearts to Sing!

    These lyrics epitomize the Obama message in a nutshell; change, hope, peace, and unity. For more than a year now we have been subjected to what I feel to be the most blatant propaganda campaign in United States history. According to Barack Obama America is not the greatest country on earth; it is a nation in need of drastic change and as president he will provide that change. Obama’s campaign has painted him as the deliver; a messianic figure who will change not only America, but the entire world for the better.

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