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Why is it that the right never becomes indignant about the UPWARDS redistribution of wealth?

Most middle-class people pay around 20-30% of their income to the IRS.

The capital gains and dividends tax rate is 15%. Warren Buffett, for instance, pays only about 17% of his income in federal taxes.

This is, by definition, an UPWARDS REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH.

Why is it that I've never heard a single conservative EVER complain about this blatant THEFT perpetrated by government on behalf of the wealthy?


Look at these righties trying to defend the indefensible. What a joke.

ALLOWING PERSON X TO PAY A LOWER RATE OF TAX THAN PERSON Y IS REDISTRIBUTION OF INCOME/WEALTH ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT. All of the rhetorical gymnastics in the world doesn't change that fact.

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    Why would they get angry about the good side to it? ... It's a form of socialism, that's why they are opposing it, whether it brings good or bad... it will only bring more government control.

    The government are controlled by the elite anyway, I think everyone has complained somewhat about that.

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    You ask some great questions & have received some great answers. I think we need to come together with our best writers & the hollywood people to create movies that will bring in the neo-cons or republicans or RIP or GOP or conservatives. As long as they are glued to the radio during Rush hours & the Fox news brainwashing they aren't getting it. We need to make movies with action & emotion & guns, the kind they watch & get the brilliant people in Hollywood or are so talented to get them to get it. I see Sean Penn & George Clooney working on the darfur situation & so many people who love this world. So they need to see it in a way that will hold their attention & make sense & that they will be open to cause they just don;t get it. They will be upset with an $8 an hour Walmart employee who wants to have a union protect them. They worry about someone making millions as if they can't afford to take a pay but but if the worker gets a raise it will raise the cost of the can they not see the problem is the huge incomes? they just have been sold on this lines they repeast with out thinking about how stupid what they are saying really is.

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    Because the entire system is set up to benefit the haves and to exploit the have nots!!! For example, if you have only a high school diploma and decide to work in retail because you happen to be a good sales person, then retail can legally exploit you by not paying you enough(minimum wages, hahahaha, what a joke), no benefits-such as health care, and of course, no paid sick leave or vacation leave--let alone giving you full time work!! So, what do you expect? This is the American way--supportive of capitalism--supportive of the fantasy that anyone can make it big in this country--

    I've given up on voting. obama's race was the last time that I voted---from here on am I simply refusing to be responsible for our politicians misdeeds--they get into power with big promises and then cannot materialize half of their promises. However, I do give Obama the benefit of the doubt because it was said that he would not repeal the tax breaks for the wealthy, he is going to let them expire(2010) we shall see...meanwhile, realize that the key word from here on is "used to be" or "was"--once upon a time they called the U.S. the land of milk and honey, they said that anyone can make it big, they said that life was a lot better--all this was, once upon a time---because they also said that America does NOT take care of its people....that already went around during and after World War 2. People in this country got so complacent with their little dream homes, 2 cars, 2 1/2 kids and puppy dogs that they didn't care--and now they don't know how to deal with anything.

    These bad times will not be over any time soon because it is not confined to the U.S. It's globally and trust me: when people need food they go to war........

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    The politics section could be plenty much less complicated in case you persons on the left took a corporation class or 2 or a minimum of had a splash corporation adventure. Taxes on corporation are factored in as a fee whilst a corporation instruments the fee. Like exertions and components, the taxes a corporation pays is going to make certain the fee of a sturdy or provider. get rid of the tax, supply tax breaks, and the fee of that sturdy or provider comes down. whilst the fee comes down, the fee comes down. final analysis, YOU pay much less for the forged or provider. You pay much less, you hold greater of you cash. greater of YOUR wealth. State workers, then, are not choosing up something.

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    Well as a conservative I think everyone pays too much in income taxes. I am tired of my tax dollar supporting the unneccesary crap we are being forced to pay on.

    Next the middle class do pay a significant percentage of their income, but really have no idea what "high taxes" really are. You complain about 20-30%...Try about 40% to the "wealthy" and when a person or couple is making $250K+ well that equates to $100K+ in taxes, are the middle class paying that much? NO, they are not. In America the top 10% income earners are supporting about 85% of the total tax revenue, chew on that for a while and tell me how it is "fair" thay just because I make more I should have to pay a higher percentage of my income. wouldn't a flat tax across the board be more "fair"?

    Warren Buffett pays 17% of his annual "income". His revenues (which he is taxed at about 40% on) is based on income - "expenses" and deductions, just like your revenue is. If you calculated it out, you are probably being taxed at about 17% of your over all income before deductions and expenses as well. Just remember that 17% of the millions he makes each year equates to hundreds of 17% of middle class incomes. He shoulders the weight of litterally hundreds of tax payers.

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    "Most middle-class people pay around 20-30% of their income to the IRS.

    The capital gains and dividends tax rate is 15%. Warren Buffett, for instance, pays only about 17% of his income in federal taxes."

    Fine. Lets cut taxes to the middle class. Oh, wait a minute...liberals oppose that.

    "Why is it that I've never heard a single conservative EVER complain about this blatant THEFT perpetrated by government on behalf of the wealthy?"

    Because you're pretending that you never heard our complaints.

    Obama signaling to Congress that he is ready to support "the largest middle class tax increase in history";_ylt=AoUpL...


    Hold the phone, Gracie. You liberals are and always have been for wealth redistribution. What did Obama tell Joe the Plumber? That he wanted to "spread the wealth".

    Fine. But who raised the taxes on person X to begin with ?Democrats. And why? Because they wanted to redistribute the wealth. What will they do to rectify it? Cut the taxes of person X? No.

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    Fact: The vast majority of government spending goes to benefit the wealthy. The wealthy own the politicians and control our political system. Yet idiot conservatives think their tax dollars are going to poor people who don't work. Maybe some but very little percentage wise. Why aren't conservatives outraged at the massive corporate welfare which most government spending goes to fund? Do they just hate the poor? Or are they completely delusional?

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    You might be too young, but I remember seeing Bush on TV signing the bill to cut taxes for the FILTHY rich, and you should have seen the smile on his face. It was like he found a dollar on the sidewalk. All the republicans were clapping their hands and laughing and prancing and dancing like jackasses! I hope he enjoys these cuts now that he is a private citizen because they will expire and the free ride will be over! Of course the cons will not complain about this, they are too busy bashing Obama and being anti-American.

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    Wow.... fact check time.

    Middle class does not pay 30% income tax rates. Doesn't happen.

    But let's take your example for a moment. Middle class is $45,000 per year. 30% tax rate equals $13,500 in taxes per year.

    The rich, by Obama's definition make $250,000 per year and according to you pay 17%. That equals $42,500 per year in taxes.

    If you take Warren Buffets income last year $46,000,000 and multiply it by 17% you get $7,820,000 which would cover the taxes for 580 middle class tax payers.

    The rich are still paying three times as much in taxes..... Who is stealing from whom?

    You really should learn some math before asking questions like this.

    Further if you actually had a clue you would know that most conservatives.... or the right as you call us support a flat tax rate. Liberals oppose it. Liberals also have opposed every tax break presented to every class.... in fact liberals lobby to raise taxes.

    Seriously, check your facts. This was way too easy.

  • beren
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    Warren Buffett complains that his income is taxed at a lower rate than his secretary.

    But they keep saying the rich pay all these taxes. We all know they find ways of not paying taxes and can afford accountants to guarantee that. The middle class is stuck with the bill.

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    My first thought was would you look a gift horse in the mouth if you were going to benefit from it?

    Then I thought that both both sides steal from the American people.

    Then I thought a sin is a sin whether you steal $1.00 or $64,000,000 (Bernie reference).

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