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What has the Department of Energy accomplished so far?

People want to continue with research in green technology, but Jimmy Carter tried that by creating the Department of Energy. What more can be done? Hasn't this going on for over 3 decades? Should we leave for capitalism and the free market to do it's magic instead or not?

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    There has not been thirty years of research in green technology. Bush had stated that our current energy problems were because we didn't have an Energy Policy before. What he did not mention was that the reason was because Reagan/Bush, Sr. dismantled the one Jimmy Carter had implemented 30 years ago. Bush's 'new & improved' Energy Plan provides $8 billion dollars in 'welfare' payments to the oil business, and rebates to buy gas-guzzling Hummers.

    -- April 18, 1977

    -- 28 Years Later - a comparison:

    You can spend hours looking at the collection of energy-related articles on this website:

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    How is allowing polluters to dump their costs onto society as a whole the "free market?" Sounds a lot like "theft" to me, and I have no problem with the government preventing theft and the destruction of private and public property. In fact, 99% or so would say that is one of the fundamental jobs of government.

    Moreover, your insinuation that fossil fuel firms are not subsidized is false, bordering on absurd. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THE MILITARY MOVED A NIMITZ-CLASS SUPERCARRIER BATTLE GROUP TO DEFEND SUPPLIES OF WIND TURBINES, EH?! I'm thinking it was... Oh yeah... NEVER.

    Or do the hundreds of billions of dollars in direct and indirect subsidies the government lavishes on the oil industry every year not count because you say so?

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