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What are some good and fancy places to go to in Chicago?

My family and I are going to Chicago for spring break, and we would like to know any good places to go. We are going to see the Blue Man Group, but is there anything else you can suggest?

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    -Graham Elliott restaurant if you're into some very awesome, different styles of food.

    -Don't see Blue Man Group... they suck.

    -Shedd Aquarium is freakin awesome. You could easily spend 3-5 hours there.

    -Hot Doug's has the most comprehensive hot dog menu, but expect long lines.

    -Wrigley is cool... if you like baseball.

    -Signature Room at John Hancock

    -Spa at the Peninsula

    -Depending on when you're here there are street fairs and neighborhood festivals in the summer.

    -Millenium Park ice rink in the winter

    -Grant Park "movie in the park" on spring/summer Tuesdays

    -crashing weddings at the Ritz or Drake

    -North Ave beach in the summer

    -Oak St beach in the summer

    -Navy Pier IMAX theater

    -Rock & Roll McDonalds on Ohio St

    -Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza is better than Giordanos (get the "Lou" w/ Buttermilk crust)

    -NoMi restaurant overlooking the historic water tower

    -architectural boat tour on chicago river is reeeeeally cool

    -Frank Lloyd Wright district in Oak Park, IL

    -Chicago theater

    -House of Blues or 10 pin bowling

    -Pilsen art district

    -plaza at 401 N michigan almost always has some kind of interesting marketing ploy (cranberry bog was built once, a 15' cell phone is there currently having karaoke performances, ice cream giveaways, etc)

    -Riverwalk cafe at 401 N Michigan (food isn't anything special but nice view)

    -DO NOT TAKE A HORSE CARRIAGE TOUR; they're ridiculous and you look ridiculous in them

    -Bars and restaurants on Hubbard St

    -Art Institute

    -MCA (free family tuesday? i think)

    -Northerly Island shows

    -Lincoln Park Zoo (free)

    -Taste of Chicago in late june

    -riding the train until you see something cool

    -Second City theater

    -MK restaurant

    -Tank Sushi in Lincoln Square

    Ok i'm out...

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    The Everest Room-My fiance took me there the night he proposed--the best food I have ever eaten and the fanciest place I have ever eaten at--it is ranked in the top restaurants in the world up there with Charlie Trotters--it is on the 40th floor and has a spectacular view of the city.

    The Signature Room at the top of the John Hancock is a great place, great views.

    The new Modern wing of the Art Institute is opening in May. Before then I would not go because it is under construction and not all of their famous pieces are on display. But do check out Millennium Park for some great photo ops.

    If you like Contemporary art--the MCA. Sports--take a tour of Wrigley or catch a game. Jazz--The Green Mill, it is world famous and regarded as the best place for Jazz in the city by jazz musicians themselves--it is by no means fancy. Green Dolphin Street is a fancy jazz place. Shopping--Bucktown/Wicker Park because it has really great local boutiques--some NYC stores are starting to creep into the area--my fave local boutique is Akira on North Ave. They have a Women's, Men's, and Shoe store scattered down North Ave. Also, eat lunch or dinner in the neighborhood too! I recommend Francesca's Forno--good food, great wine, awesome people watching! It is all right off the Blue Line stop at Damen and North. Also try the food and martinis at The Blue Line restaurant. Club Lucky is another great Bucktown favorite. It is a fancy throwback to Italian restaurants of the 1950s. I would highly recommend seeing a show at Second City as well. You can also check out what shows are coming up at the Old Town School of Folk Music--they have workshops there too that you can participate in. I hope this helps. I could go on forever. I love this city!

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    I highly suggest stopping by Bin 36 for some wine and appetizers when you are downtown (it's right by the house of blues) - it's nice, welcoming and comfortable.

    Not the fanciest, but pretty nice, I recommend Fulton's by the River. Especially if it is warm enough to sit outside. Really great service, good steaks and seafood, and it's nice but not over the top - good place to stay in the middle of downtown.

    My favorite is Gibson's for steak, if you want classic - but make reservations far in advance for weekend.

    If the weather is nice, take a boat tour, it's a great way to learn about the city and see a lot of the sites.

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    The fanciest restaurant I know is Charlie Trotters. It's famous, but I've never been there because I'm not a gourmet.

    I don't know how much it costs either, but I would imagine it is $$$$.

    Other than that-- the Chicago Art Institute is very nice. Lots of impressionist paintings like Monet and Renoir. Worth your time.

    Personally, I like to go to Blues clubs in Chicago...... but I wouldn't call them fancy at all.

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    The Chocolate Bar at the Peninsula Chicago hotel!

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    GOOD- Field Museum of Natural History, Museum of Science and Industry. (Personal experiences) Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium.

    For something eye-opening, go to the Foster Avenue Beach. The last time I was there, about 3 years ago, the water was so low that the boat launching ramp there was useless.

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    Well Chicago food is amazing.

    Check out Japonais and Spiaggia, the best asian and italian restaurants in chicago respectively.

    Navy Pier is quite popular and shopping on michigan ave is something everyone does.

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