What does a Wireless LAN do?

What does it do, and how does it operate? Is it good compared to other things? do you need it to connect to the internet wirelessly?

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    Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) is composed of one or more devices connected wirelessly to a LAN.



    Router ----- Modem ----- ISP ------ Internet



    This is a rather simple diagram showing a LAN. When you ask how well it is in comparison I assume you are referring to a standard LAN. A wireless LAN is obviously easier to set up, can be less expensive and can be less of an eyesore. However, a traditional LAN can be faster, and is in preference in a one computer network.

    It is not possible to connect to the internet wirelessly without a Wireless LAN.

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    This just means that your wireless device has the internet already and can already connect you to the web I think, It operates as being your internet connection, and it can be used for any other devices such as MP3's iPhones and other gadgets.

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