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Is tomorrow (Monday 16th March) a bank holiday in Ireland?

Is tomorrow a bank holiday in Ireland?

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    yes i think it is because its St Patrick's day

    sorry just checked with my irish friends bank holidays are normally mondays but St patricks day is the 17th of March and this day is a national holiday in ireland

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    As Ireland is an island with two countries on it...Northern Ireland had a Bank Holiday today (Monday) - don't know about the Republic today but both countries have a holiday tomorrow.

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    No, Monday isn't the bank holiday, it's Tuesday

    Tuesday, 17 March 2009


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    You know in Spain they have these wonderful things called 'puentes' or bridges where if a national holiday falls on a tuesday or thursday you get the monday or the friday off as well.

    Something we may want to consider adopting here.. :p

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    i will pass to my mom. Tuesday is my birthday and that's a privilege day for those people in the standard public sector, so i will stay together with her till Wednesday, which i've got booked as go away.

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    No =( Tuesday seems to be it as I don't get the day off tomorrow only Tuesday =(

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    No Tuesday is and wenesday for most of use wheater the groverment like it or not haha take care.

  • No, not tomorrow, Tuesday 17th is. St. Patrick's day.

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    Unofficially maybe for some :)

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    No, but Tuesday is.

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