What's a good angry empowering "moving on" break up song?

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My boyfriend has been cheating on me for the last 5 months with my ex-best friend...I'm sick when I think about it, and need something to help me at school when I have to deal ...show more
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Let's see:
Pink - U And Yur Hand
and Trisha Yearwood - Think Before he Cheats.
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  • **JaeAnswers! answered 5 years ago
    Hiii :]

    Ahh! Yes! My kinda of question :]

    Here's what I listened to when I was in a simliar situtation:

    I Don't Care - Apocalyptica featuring Adam Gontier
    You Make Me Sick - Egypt Central
    Over and Under - Egypt Central
    I Can Do Better - Avril Lavigne
    Fighter - Christina Aguilera
    Gone Forever - Three Days Grace

    Hope they help! :]

    And sorry about what happened, I know how it feels, forget'em! They ain't worth you!

    - ‚ô•Jess
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  • SexiiMexii answered 5 years ago
    Eamon-f*ck it,i don't want you back
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  • Gymnastics Rocks! answered 5 years ago
    i like Breaking Benjamin songs. my favorites are Diary of Jane and Breath. we all jam to these songs when we're mad :-D
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  • allycat answered 5 years ago
    gives you hell- all american rejects
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