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why do the fans and the singers on American idol loves Simon Cowell so much?

I believe it's because they know what he says is the truth.

The singers respects him and they even stick up for him, because they know what he says is the truth. He may be harsh, but the man is a great judge. He doesn't sugarcoat the truth and he doesn't bite his tongue for no one. Go Simon Cowell

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    This is a truism, but I think when Simon's comments are on-target, he is on-target and the best one on-panel. When he is critiquing someone fairly, he is coherent, lucid and not rambling (unlike Paula!), and offers actual critique that the singers can use to improve (unlike Randy!).

    However, I think he is not motivated by artistic critique, but by dollar signs. How else to explain the occasional, "Well, you sang like crap, but you look good" critique that he gives when a pretty blonde girl performs horribly? I think that his critiques need to be taken with as much of a grain of salt in that regard as do Randy and Paula's in other aspects.

    Even if he's commenting based on dollar signs, I think he is the most helpful judge on AI. Even telling someone they'll advance based on their looks is giving them a reason they'll advance, no matter how lousy the reason. I dislike when his appreciation of given contestants' looks makes him sway his critique in their favor (happened with everyone from Carrie Underwood to Megan Corkrey this season, so it doesn't matter how talented the singer in question is). But you take the good with the bad.

    I still haven't decided how I feel about Kara. I think she needs to refine her comments (that "we don't know what you're like when you go shopping" comment still throws me for a loop, a couple of weeks later), but I do appreciate that she actually has opinions and a clear, different point of view from Simon.

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    I think that simon cowell is right sometimes. I just don't like that if a person can't sing and they look good he sticks up for them it is not all about looks talents helps alot too. If simon was a good looking guy then I would understand why he judges people looks. but come on the guy can't even dress right or fix his hair. Another reason I think the singers are scare of him because if they talk back to him they think that the public might vote them off. I feel like the other judges like randy have good opinion too. all because he is not harsh like simon doesn't mean that he is not good.

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    I like him because of his honesty. Also, he seems like a down to earth type of guy who isnt affected by his fame. I also agree with him most of the time

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    Because he tells the truth when no one else will.

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    I think he is what the show need. He is a good judge.

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    Because he is worthy of love and respect. And you are right with your opinion on him. Thanks.

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