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Teaching a child healthy eating habits when husband has none....?

This question is a little random, but I get the best answers in "pregnancy".

My husband was raised in a large family, and because he's the youngest boy, i'm told my mother in law NEVER made him eat the foods everyone else was eating, and gave him whatever he want instead. It's very, very obvious. He hates ALL vegetables, freaks out if they're in his food, but loves them when I sneak them in. He claims to hate pork, but loves shake and bake chicken...which I actually use for pork. He has such a weird mental block that i've learned to just deal with. I'm worried his habits will rub off on my daughter. I make nice meals every night, but if my husband suspects he won't like it, he gets taco bell on the way home from work. How am I going to explain to my daughter that SHE has to eat her veggies.. but daddy can eat pizza or tacos every night? My mother in law has expressed she regrets not making him try more foods as a child because all the man will eat are white carbs, american cheese, pizza and tacos... much like a toddler...


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    I am in the same situation. My husband eats nothing but red meat, cheese and Mt. Dew. I understand this is really unhealthy and have informed him, but he is an adult so he can eat whatever he wants. I know when I am gone he will just cut up a brick of cheese and they will all sit there and eat it for lunch. When I cook I will make some veggies, fruit or some type of salad as an option for my kids. If they eat it great, if not, at least I gave them the choice. You can't shove it down their throats...which is what I would like to do at times.

    If I set a good example by acting all overly dramatic about how great the healthy stuff is, they will usually follow me and eat theirs. I have also found that if I just put some melted cheese or ranch dressing on the veggies they will eat them without being coaxed.

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    Tell him these two words: "Grow up!" He is not six years old anymore, and might be surprised the some things actually DO taste good! You could also come clean and say, "You know, that time we eat shake and bake chicken? Well, guess what ...!" he might be surprised. Or, you could continue to make the same things for her that you make for him, by sneaking them in. Do you have that Deceptively Delicious cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld? It might help you a lot as far as recipes.

    or you could just feed vegetables to her and let him fend for himself. But eating beforehand just because he *thinks* he won't like it is very rude. You cook food for your family, not to have portions go to waste just because he's a picky eater. If my husband did this, I'd be half tempted to make him buy his own groceries and cook himself!

    There are certain things my husband doesn't care for - but he will eat them anyway to set a good example. I would be upfront with your husband and tell him that you want to set a good example for your daughter, which will likely pay off when she's an adult in the choices she makes regarding food. If he doesn't like it, he can cook his own dinner. :)

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    I would try to speak with your husband and let him know that his unhealthy eating habits might affect your growing child. As you know children need all the great nutrients that they can get to support their growing bodies. Maybe if you give him a little insight into how a poor diet might affect your child, he'll think about making some changes for her too. After all, his health is also affected by what he eats. Sooner or later junk food catches up to you. I hope this helps.

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    Sounds like it's time for hubby to grow up. He needs to realize that his habits will begin to affect his children. If you are making nice meals every night he should at least make the effort to try them, and all the extra money saved on fast food can go into your boo's college fund :)

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    is your husband overweight?

    Just tell your husband that if he can't eat right for your sake because you take time to prepare meals for your entire family with much love, then he can explain to his kids that he chooses to eat and behave like a jerk because he doesn't care about his body, he doesn't care that he hurts your feelings by not eating the food you prepare and he doesn't care if he drops dead of a heart attack and leaves them without a father.

    It worked on my hubby, it just might work on yours! lol

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