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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesOther - United States · 1 decade ago

Small Towns In Alabama?

Can anyone give me some names of very small scenic towns in Alabama please?


-Away from major cities or large towns

-Lots of trees, maybe near a lake

-"Old Town" feel

-Large housing

-Affluentish area

-Layed back lifestyles

-Wide open fields e.c.t

Thank you :)

It's for a book setting but I like to use real places and the lives of people who live there

Thanks a lot

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    ....Well here are a few small towns in Alabama that I have been to.Some fit what you are talking about.

    .....Clanton,county seat of Chilton County the peach capital of the south.

    .....Childersburg,a quaint town of just over 4000.DeSoto Caverns is a tourist spot near the city.

    .....Springville , located between Birmingham and Gadsden with a population of around 2500.2 movies have had scenes filmed in this town.

    .....Guntersville is located on lake Guntersville in Northern Alabama.Not only a beautiful lake but the forest around the lake has been used for the repopulation of the Bald Eagle.

    .....Pell city just off Interstate 20 and on the banks of Lake Logan Martin.Several wooded areas near here and less that an hour to the highest point in Alabama ; Cheaha State Park and Mountain (Delta Alabama)

    .....Alexander City or Dadeville are both on Lake Martin,which is a larger lake in central Alabama and is a retreat lake with several luxury homes and gated communities.


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  • robey
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    3 years ago

    a guy taking delight in the situation he substitute into from and that i variety of awareness the comparable way. It does not propose something to be for my section distinctive than a stable hook, As i seem at songs as tale telling..and the story he's telling is of the south indoors the early Nineteen Seventies era and the delight he took in it.

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  • 5 years ago

    I loved anniston Alabama Its in the mountains.

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  • 5 years ago

    complicated factor. research from yahoo. it could actually help!

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