Shouldn't Obama at least be honest about Stem Cell Research?

In 2001 Bush did NOT ban stem cell research. He stopped stopped FEDERAL money from being used on embryonic stem cell research. Privately funded research was still perfectly legal.

Direct tax payer funding of stem cell research was banned in the 1995 Dickey Amendment. But continued through loopholes until 2001.

However, Bush DID authorize and financially support the development of alternative, non-controversial human pluripotent stem cell research.

Why is Obama taking credit for simply rewording Bush's executive order 13435?

His "new" bill simply throws money at a science that has already moved past the need for actual embryonic cells thanks to developments under Bush.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you read the NY Times article on Monday, it discussed how scripted the Obama Whitehouse is. David Axelrod, the Carl Rove of the Obama Whitehouse, relies heavily on polls and focus groups and gives Obama a book of phrases and announcements each morning that are designed to resonate with the public's understanding of the issues (not pronounced "realityor "truth") which Obama evidently sticks to rigidly.

    Knowing that, and given that the first 100 day roll out of policy statements was being designed starting last August, my guess is that Axelrod has determined that the American people don't know the difference between Embryonic Lines approved for research vs ban of research, a federal funding ban vs. an outright ban and the relative success with adult stem cells compared to the dismal failure of embryonic stem cell lines so far.

    In public ignorance, Axelrod has found the opportunity to blame Bush for what he didn't do, to credit Obama for more than he has done and set the stage to take credit for the fruits of stem cell research or the next four years.

    Neat trick!

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    BO promised change you could count on. Is that nickles, dimes and pennies?

    Are you employed? That will change soon with the new corporate taxes.

    Do you have a 401K? Yes, you do. That to will change.

    Do you hope to retire in the next year or so? That will change. You will need to work to eat.

    Has BO really thrown out the Bush practices? No, he just renames them. LOL

    The Government needs to get out of the private sector.

    Don't you know WHY he did this? To spend money. That is all it takes is being expensive and BO is all for it.I left out 1 requirement. It must benefit no one to truly be a BO program.

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    He counts on his fans to be uninformed. Its sort of the same deal with the Omnibus Bill that Bush refused to sign. Obama could have made the Congress strip the pork out of the bill but instead said it was left over from the Bush administration so people would, in theory, blame the previous administration for the wasteful spending. I have completely lost respect for Obama. He truly is an empty suit.

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    Why would Obama start being honest on this issue?

    I remember being angered enough on this issue to write a nasty letter to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research, because of the lies he was telling about Republican opposition to "Stem Cell" research.

    What I would like to know is how many embryos have been destroyed on this "Junk Science" that has not produced ONE single treatment for disease or condition.

    The fact is, Obama has favored EVERY law or initiative against the sanctity of the unborn. If he opposed the "Infant Born Alive" legislation to protect abortion against possible scrutiny, then we know embryos mean nothing to him.

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    yes and pretty soon all the history books will be changed to reflect bush's compassion for scientific research. Thank heavens bush was able to fund climate research and pollution studies as well as provide aid and assistance to all the Katrina victims, not to mention he won the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on poverty and lets not forget he never left one child behind. Well, except the lazy kids of all those democratic socialist pigs who do nothing but smoke crack and collect welfare all day, he left THOSE worthless children behind, but they deserved it....yeah, that puke obama is trying to take all the credit away from king, er, president bush.

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    1 decade ago

    Why is government even involved in this? If there's a future for stem cell research, the private sector will find it.

    Goddamn it I'm so sick and tired of the political BS.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because he is Obama no really I don't know,It doesn't make to much since to me either

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    President Obama has been honest about stem cell research. We already know what Bush's ban did, with great fanfare I might add. Obama reversed it. Your question is based on the assumption that people don't know what went on. That is a false assumption.

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    "Shouldn't Obama at least be honest about..."


    Sorry. I fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the words "Obama" and "honest" in the same sentence.

    The man hasn't been honest about anything yet. We can't expect him to start now.

  • 1 decade ago

    I will be amazed when Obama is honest about anything!

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